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Posted:Hey there Sorcereyes.
Nice one, going to Circoarts. Hope you have lots of fun there.
I'll pass your details onto some excellent juggley fire kiddies at Circoarts already (DaG, you listening!)

Meanwhile maybe best to take your email off the post to thwart the evil net trawlers. duck

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Posted:hey there David,
welcome aboard the circo arts tour bus, it's a lot of fun. allow me to introduce myself i am Mitchell, i am heading into second year this year. i would love to offer you a place to stay (and might still be able to) i am currently in Sydney but will be returning on Saturday and will be looking for a place to live from then on. i'm sure that i will have found somewhere by the time you arrive and failing that i will ask a few friends if they have space.
look forward to meeting you

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Posted:Ah the next crop!!
I would also like to help
If you cant find a place I can probably sort you out with a stay with some X-Circo Acro Twins
But they live VERY far out from town
Let me know in Feb if youre still stuk

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