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Posted:1st place Durbs - USD$2000 Cash! and USD$1000 credit to your HOP shop account
2nd place MCP - USD$500 credit to your HOP shop account
3rd place Nick Woolsey - USD$250 credit to your HOP shop account

Congratulations to you and all those that made it onto CoL2008.

Much thanks also to the Judges for taking so much time in ranking the entries.

Really looking forward to seeing what CoL2009 will be like

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Posted:Congratulations Durbs, MCP and Nick! Truly inspiring performances--keep the lessons and inspiration flowing.


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Posted:awesome smile

and unsurprising grin

three of my favourite people/spinners at the top. woooh!

well done, all of you. durbs, the drinks are very much on you at BoB

grin (very pleased)

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Posted:Nicely done guys!

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Posted:grin Yay!! Uber-happiness grin

Congratulations to Meg and Nick as well, and massive thanks to all the judges (and congratulations on your exceptional taste wink )

Great start to the day smile

And again, well done to everyone else who made it onto the DVD - stirling efforts all round.

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Posted:Congratulations! An awesome 1-2-3 of talent & general loveliness!


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Posted:Well done guys, an excellent result grin

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Posted:Great Job everyone!

Couldn't be happier with the result...now what are you guys gonna buy wink


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Posted:congrats peeps
3 of the best
Bluey I think we should enter next time

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Posted:congratulations all around! well deserved, all.

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Well done lovely Durbin, Meg and Nick... congratulations!

Comiserations to those who didn't make it - Rob, I think your video is beautiful - but never worry smile

Congrats indeed grin


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Posted:Can't have been an easy decision for the judges. Congratulations to Durbs and Meg, thanks to the judges, and there are definitely a few entries that could easily have been on the podium.

Lots of great vibes for everybody,


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Posted:Originally Posted By: bluecat
well done, all of you. durbs, the drinks are very much on you at BoB

Can you buy booze with HoP credits??

A big congratulations to the winners, quite well deserved, I'm sure.



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Posted:errrrrrrrrrr sweet?

Good job everybody?

Um, yeah, really didn't expect to place. Gosh darn, etc.

As the milky bar kid once said: Fire toys are on me!

Maybe I should buy some poi....

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Posted:well done everyone.. i havent seen the dvd at all yet, but having seen you all spin before, im glad to see you all up there smile


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Posted:I ordered the dvd yesterday smile wohoo!

Its amazing that after 3-4 yrs away, some of my fave spinners are still at the top..nice one!!

Can't wait to watch the dvd when it arrives.


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Posted:Annoyed I only just stumbled on this, Durbs your buying the drinks at the next meet!

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