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Posted:*cross post from Jay Linn on Rec.juggling*


Hello chaps,

I've just got off the phone from John Carter, the legend in his ownlunchtime who for the last twenty years has been head honcho of BristolJuggling and Circus Skills Convention. It is with great regret that John hasdecided to cancel this years event.

Yes, that's right, Bristol will not be happening this year.

John is in his sixtieth year and has been working hard running a marquee hire business for a very long time, but now he has decided to retire from the marquee game, and that means that he will not be expending the very large amounts of money needed to maintain, insure, and license his vehicles,
marquees, business, and so on and so forth. Consequently running Bristol as a stand alone project is simply not viable for him. Boo.

At some other time it might be useful for the UK juggling community to consider whither Bristol? But that is a debate for another day, and John
himself needs some time to reflect on and absorb his decision. Consequently, the prospects of Bristol happening this year, under any flag, are slim to none, and Slim's outta town.

There is a great deal I would like to say about Bristol over the years, but this is not the time or the place, so I would like to conclude by offering my great thanks and gratitude to John for all his good-natured hard work over the years.

I hope that there will be other commendations to come, and if anyone has anything to add - thanks, memories, pictures, stories, anything really - then please respond to this thread, and in time perhaps we can rustle up an
online memory book for the daddy of 'em all in the UK.

Requiescat in pace, Bristol. You will be missed.



here's to brizzle, and to the hope that one day it will be resurrected (tho not this year, i feel...)

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Posted:Gutted! I only made it to one Bristol, seemingly it was the last (for now). I was planning to go again this year because I had such a fantastic time. V sad that its going, would love to see it back on the calender sometime in the future.


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Posted:That sucks...

I also only got to one of the conventions (2006) but I have some wonderful memories of my time there. Heres hoping it can be brought back at some point in the future.

hug to John for doing such a great job for such a long time.

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One of the best conventions of the year.


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Posted:Nooo! It's the harbinger of the apocalypse, I say! frown

I'll really miss Brizzle. My favourite convention ever.

I hope it does get resurrected, though I feel it will never be the same.

Thank you John for giving us the best of british for so long smile

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Posted:Oh what a shame :-( I really really enjoyed this convention, I can completely see his reasoning to call it a day as the up keep would be huge and to hire all those tents would cost 's!!


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Posted:There is a facebook group to save Brizzle. Any help or suggestions people have, here is the place to offer them.

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Posted:bugger, I was hoping to actually make it to this this year frown

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I only managed to go for a few days last year, but it was great- one of the nicest, most chilled out festivals I've been to.. Here's hoping something can be sorted out- I wish I could do something..


If that's okay with you?


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Posted:Im devastated and dont know quite how to respond - other than
HOW DO WE HELP - I wanna step up and keep this wonderfull tribe ongoing. I have had some of my most special juggling moments and indeed moments in life at Brizzle
This CANNOT end
This is THE best juggling convention in the WORLD and ive been to...them in 8 different countries and over 30 in total
Let me HELP...How?

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Posted:Richard Loxley have created a yahoo group "Bristol Circus Convention

You can join by going to:
Or by sending an email to:

The group description is:

For anyone interested in helping organise the Bristol Juggling
and Circus Skills convention in the UK.

This group is for people who can do any of the following:

- offer advice
- do organisational work in advance to prepare for the convention
- offer some time during the convention to do jobs and help
the convention run smoothly

Could someone forward the details on to rec.juggling
as I'm not active on there?


- Richard


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Posted:Oh dear! Bristol was always such an amazing convention. Great atmosphere and lovely people! Plus some of the talent at the show surpassed what I'd seen at bigger conventions. Although some of it was just bizzare or ropey it was all good entertainment.

I'm hoping that something rises up from the ashes. If you think how Play suddenly appeared from nowhere I'm sure Bristol with it's history will be possible in a new/continued form.

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Gutted.... found out yesterday.
Wish I hadn't missed it last year!

Getting to the other side smile


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Posted:Henri who often sits in the caravan on the gate made this comment on the facebook site:

John Carter the proprietor and organiser is simply taking a year off.
(The Eavis Family take the odd year off from running Glastonbury Festival - next year 2010 being one in point - so why shouldn't he have a break too?

For anyone willing to contribute a little time,effort and money:- "THIS IS THE YEAR WE DO IT OURSELVES"

Might not be an end of an era after all!

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Posted:It does appear that many people are getting together and forming a committee to run Bristol this year - just while John has a year off.
Maybe its worth changing the Title of this thread, as it would appear things have changed and I wouldnt want people getting the wring idea that Bristol wasnt on and making other plans as YOU should ALL come this year

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Posted:thats really sad, i never made it to any of them, but have always heard such positive things and have always wanted to come along - maybe one day - never say never after all

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