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Forums > Social Chat > is it snowing where you are?

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fake teeth and glue
fake teeth and glue

Checking who's online, watching you!
Location: somewhere
Member Since: 31st Aug 2003
Total posts: 1972
Posted:when i went to bed last night it was snowing a bit, and this morning i open the front door and it still is!

im trying to think of an apropriate word...wonder

yay perhaps?


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more pics soon

you just lost the game!!!!!! !!!!!

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Beautiful Intelligent Thoughtful Cute Happy!
Location: Northampton, England
Member Since: 21st Oct 2004
Total posts: 269
Posted:it has been snowing here but aint no more frown

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Hunting robot foxes
Location: Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
Member Since: 8th Aug 2007
Total posts: 1046
Posted:I keep seeing cars covered in snow, but theres none on the floor here.

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Corean Spinner
Location: Corea, Maine
Member Since: 19th Nov 2008
Total posts: 34
Posted:It snowed here pretty good a couple of weeks ago, right before Christmas. We got almost 2 feet! It's not supposed to snow again here till Wednesday or Thursday, but i'll be ready for it when it does!!

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maker of all sorts of cool stuff
Location: Central Michigan
Member Since: 30th Dec 2008
Total posts: 14
Posted:it was snowing while i was walking home from class... and my ID card still doesn't work so I had to wait outside for someone to let me in! frown


Location: Gloucester England
Member Since: 10th Jul 2006
Total posts: 985
Posted:snowing alot these ways people being snowed in etc woke up good couple of centimetres of snow on the floor

he he i am mike the amazing gloscircus person who is mike.

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Location: Herefordshire
Member Since: 18th Apr 2003
Total posts: 1711
Posted:I slipped, slid and skidded my way to work this morning...

Internet Hate Machine
Location: They seek him here, they seek ...
Member Since: 26th May 2004
Total posts: 10530
Posted:It kinda snowed here. But it didn't settle.

I hate snow. It means cold. frown

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jemima (jem)
jemima (jem)

Location: london
Member Since: 2nd Dec 2002
Total posts: 1750
Posted:It snowed in the night and I left the house so early in the dark this morning that I felt like was sleep walking. White bits are loverly... glossy black shiney bits, don't try them out... yes they will be slippy and dangerous, more dangerous than slippers ! and who keeps flooding the blimmin subway! and delaying trains! tsk!

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Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: Cambridge UK
Member Since: 29th Jul 2004
Total posts: 2895
Posted:we got snow! although most of it turns to ice or slush

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Location: Right Here
Member Since: 17th Sep 2008
Total posts: 253
Posted:There is 4' of snow here, and drifts taller than anyone on this forum, as well as ice on the roads at least 4" thick. I love Montana.

I can't seem to find the webcam on our college though...


Are we there yet?
Location: australia
Member Since: 14th Mar 2001
Total posts: 1897
Posted:I wish it would snow here!!

it's bloomin going to be 40 degrees (celcius) today!

Mr Majestik
Mr Majestik

coming to a country near you
Location: home of the tiney toothy bear
Member Since: 9th Mar 2004
Total posts: 4693
Posted:there was snow on the mountain here over new years smile

yes we are in the middle of summer smile

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Super Gidg!!!!
Location: Portland Oregon USA
Member Since: 11th Apr 2003
Total posts: 8506
Posted:I don't want to think about it. We've were, more or less, snowed in for a week and a half at Christmas. It almost went away and started to snow again last night, measured 2 inches. It was gone by this morning. We are not ready for another snow storm yet.

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fake teeth and glue
fake teeth and glue

Checking who's online, watching you!
Location: somewhere
Member Since: 31st Aug 2003
Total posts: 1972
Posted:the snow is still here, gone a bit icy though which in some ways is fun, especially when trying to put the bins out smile

you just lost the game!!!!!! !!!!!

knowledge is power, power corupts, study hard, become evil.


lurking like a ninja with no camouflage..
Location: over yonder
Member Since: 22nd Jul 2005
Total posts: 926
Posted:It was icing over new year in the north east of scotland...I went outside and it wasnt rain, it wasn't snow, but it wasn't hailstones either..it was kinda of a mix of all three..most peculiar.. smile

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ancient oachkatzlschwoaf
Location: germany
Member Since: 13th Nov 2002
Total posts: 249
Posted:there's only a little bit of snow right now in Berlin but the temperatures are hell
last night was approximately -20C and tonight feels just as cold as that.. *brrr*

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