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Posted:My name is Ted, and I'm a poi spinner from NYC. I've been spinning for 3 years, and I need a little help with fuel. A local club night wants to book me to do fire sometime in the future, but I'm not too sure what fuel or fuel mixture would be the best for an indoor performance, since I know that some fuels can trigger asthma :S
Upon getting everything I need and doing a practice burn for them first, would they book me, which I wouldn't have any other way. tongue2

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Posted:Yo - welcome to HoP grin

If you click on the "Search" box up there, you'll doubtless find your answer, there's been a conversation about this recently.

We try to avoid duplicate posts here to keep things tidy
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Posted:If search doesn't work I recommend Klean-Heat or paraffin. Paraffin just because it's a pretty low burning flame and easy to control, so shouldn't cause too many problems indoors. Klean heat is some synthetic kerosene stuff that isn't as smokey or sooty. It also burns pretty well.


Posted:Thanks a lot MRC, I did a search but it only showed me the top 20 threads, none of which really addressed my concern. Just looked into Klean-Heat, and that seems to be optimal, but I'll do an outdoor burn with both one night for my own comparison.
Much appreciated!