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Posted:I've looked at every flag poi instruction thread there is. The link to Dom's page about making flag poi does not work and the search engine won't take me to the original threads about flag poi construction.

If someone would be so kind as to either tell me how to make some flag poi, or give me an informational, working link, I would be very happy. Thanks much!

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Posted:my GF just took a peice of material. folded over 1 edge with a chain through it and stiched the chain in wink the weight of the chain pulls the flag but there is a loop at the bottom to add a weight if she wants to.

A couple of balls short of a full cascade... or maybe a few cards short of a deck... we'll see how this all fans out.




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Posted:i took some material, folded one edge over leaving a gap and then stuck poles with curtain weights on the end into it and attatched finger loops to the other end of the poles.
However, the curtain weights hurt so much and the poles crash, so much so that i am looking at getting some chain curtain weights (a chain basically) and sewing that in then putting eyeletts in the flag to attatch finger loops to. rolleyes

Hope that helps, basically, what Mynci said should work!


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Posted:sry to revive this thread but i have a similar problem
and i cant really imagine the things you explained smirk
or maybe i got it wrong..

anyway.. to clear things up i thought pics say more than words..

Non-Https Image Link

this is what my design looks like..
I had 2 different kind of cloth (100% polyamid & 100% cotton)
cut out a traingle from both and stitched them together..

first i tried sewing a chain in (red line) but it was very heavy and uncomfortable.. but at least the flag didnt wrap up while playing..

now i got rid of the chain and have only two links left which connect to the swivel/handle and instead.. i put some weight in the corner only.. it worked a bit better but still.. wasnt quite right.. and now the flag keeps wrapping up..

i managed to search the forums and also couldnt find the infamous dom flag design.. but anyway those weighted curtain cords are what i needed i think..

but now i dont know how to put them in there..
should i put them in there like i did with the chain?
should i weight the corner too?
im sure the flags wont wrap up this way..

or could it be a good idea to make a more curvy disitribution of thw weight.. (green lines!) a long one on the ledges and a smaller one inside..
but i dont know how long i should make them?
anyway like this.. the flag will wrap up again wont it? though i got the swivel..

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this site shows how to make really nice flag poi and what you need to make it!