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Posted:Just spotted this:
I think:
a) Its a good idea if it helps reduce town center crime, as well as getting money for troupes
b) Its incredibly sad as it really does mean people commit a lot of crimes out of sheer boredom, rather than nessesity.

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Posted:If you can't beam 'em...distract 'em.

"A lower number of prisoners mean more officers are available to respond to calls from the public."
But what about the extra officers assigned to protecting the performers from drunk "I've done it before I swear!" have-a-goes.


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Posted:My guess is that they'd have a few at the site. Fire attracts people and as such he can babysit a larger number of drunks that may or may not have been causing crap elsewhere.

And judging by the fact that they were paid rather than just there ordinarily or busking that there would be sessions rather than just a willy nilly kind of arrangement.



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Posted:Is someone in the community doing this? or knows the peeps?
I'd be interested on seeing how this happened/worked
I LOVE the idea of being employed by the Police to Fire it up in the town center!! And have a guard!! - Thats GREAT

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