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Location: North-east of England

hi everybody! I just wanna say i think Poi looks absolutely amazing! I recently went on a camping trip with my youth group to an acorn adventure site and i saw one of the staff there playing with Poi. What can i say i was hooked it feels really relaxing to play with aswell. It looks really cool!

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Hey random,
Welcome to HOP.
Sorry could'nt resist......

A staff doing Poi now that really is cool

Well tell us about yourself in the introd. section.

Many happy happy twirling sessions.

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congratulations randomgoth

you've arrived

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hello. Help yourself to anything from the buffet.

and feel free to write a little intro for yourself and post it in (cunningly enough) Introductions.

help yourself to dip....

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ah, another one enlightened, dont they just seem so cute?!

welcome! feel free to tell us ALL about ur self in ur intro page, drop in on mine to sey hey (it might be a few pages back) and here, try the sushi before i munch it all my self!!!

X x X x X

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