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Posted:So I came up with this idea. Not sure what everyone thinks. And, of course, the final decision is Malcolm's.

So the problem with the "Meet Others" system is that it's not part of the Boards. And the "Events and Gatherings" thing isn't very user-friendly because it's not geographical. And because it's a UBB board, some things get buried five or six pages down and you have to go looking for them.

So why not start up some separate forums for certain regions?

*NZ North
*NZ South
*Australia East
*Australia West
*USA Northeast
*USA Southeast
*USA Midwest
*USA Northwest
*USA Southwest
*S. Africa (all... not so many people from there)
*Continental Europe

It could all be done in one single new forum with a bunch of sticky threads. That would make it easier to keep track of your region.

This would be very helpful in helping to assemble spinning communities.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:I like it.



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Couldn't hurt smile

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Posted:yep yep, especially since i lost a lot of my watched threads that were relative to my locality when the forum switch occured it would definately help direct people to their local community.

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Posted:Too many forums then.

It would thin out the forums soooo much.

I would think it better to have threads with [UK] [ISRAEL] or whatever preceeding them as more useful. And maybe a geographic search function...

or a function before you start the new topic in the mett others/events section that forces you to select your location, so that the thread is appropriately named. (and hence easier to search)

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Posted:Or even just cutting down the number of forums you split it into... I don't think Australia needs more than one... (Judging by the activity currently present)



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Posted:Nope. We had regional forums with stickies on SFS. Kills discussion. Less people take the bother to click through. I like that people who aren't local, but happen to see threads for places they've been, pop in for the banter.

So yeah, it could hurt. Meg's ideas could work better. Would personally love to see a link so each spin can be pinned on a Google map, especially as it now has walking, public transport and car direction options.

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Posted:I'm not sure if the number of people/events from the US justifies 5 categories, while Europe gets one.. Same for a few of the others..

Good basic idea though- I think I'd go for continent, then each thread has the country, seperate categories if it's a lot, cuts down on the number of forums, but still sorts it out a bit.
It's not really a discussion forum after all- I think ease of use would add more than is lost.. Plus it would stop me getting so jealous about really cool sounding meets on the other side of the world..;)

By the way, I note Canada didn't get a look in wink


If that's okay with you?


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Posted:I like the idea but I think Meg's ideas are better as to keep the forums alive.
I think you should also be able to filter threads there based on Date/Location etc. Makes things easier to find, like if you're travelling you can just put the dates you want and the place and find all the festivals smile
Would prove useful for me for my trip in England this year smile



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Posted:Keep the forums as they are but just tidy up the Meet Others and Events and gatherings. Maybe something along the line of:,
so you just click on where you want to go and bam, U get a list off everybody who is in that area plus a list of all events.


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