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Posted:Hey guys!

We need some performers for a gig in birmingham- here are the details!

Big City Dream Records is looking for Circus entertainers for help at and before an event in the Birmingham.

The venue: The Hill pub (just off New Street)
The event: 4 bands, Showcase (circus themed,) 3 entry (with flyer), 3 per ticket, 4 on the door
Date: 16th January 2009
The name: THE BIG TOP (on the hill)

January 9th 2009
We require around 10 stilt walkers who would be willing to walk around Birmingham town centre wearing T-shirts (to be supplied on the day) and promoting the event. If anyone owns a flyering licence from Birmingham city council, then flyers will be available for distribution.

January 16th 2009
We will require around 10 Jugglers/poi spinners/ general performers, at the event dressed in performance clothes (or whatever you feel comfortable in), to perform at the event and outside the event.
All performers will have free entry to this gig and any future events put on by Big City Dream Records, and given space to advertise any up-coming events of their own. Future events are a possibility, and we will be more than happy to employ anyone who helps us at our Debut event.

If you are interested please contact James at:

Hope some peeps can make it!

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Posted:Sounds interesting,

Is the 16th to include the use of fire? and how much are you paying per performer?


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Posted:and also may i ask what your insurance is like?

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