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Posted:For everyone out there who has ever wanted to protest the violence in the Middle East in a practical and peaceful way, you are invited to join in Walk About Love!

From March 2009, there will be a gathering of peoples from all over the world to the Southern tip of Israel. From there, we will WALK for peace and love through all the little towns and major cities on the way to the Northern tip, meeting the locals from all ethnicities. We hope that if you come and lend your support, bring your love and energy for peace in this world, we can show the locals here an active, working model of how people who come from different backgrounds get along in peace and harmony. On the other hand, you can come and see what all the fuss is about.

Through the universal language of music, we hope to bring people of different cultures and beliefs together, to meet, dance, eat, talk and walk together. Therefore, we will set up camp every evening at a different village, inviting the locals to join in the music, food and celebrations for love and peace. The three month walk will also be punctuated by ten music festivals in a range of styles, from Ethnic and Tribal beats, to Reggae, Rock and Psychedelic sounds, to name a few. (hint, hint: jugglers from all over are most welcome!)

This is a grass roots event, organised over the last two years by volunteers with no political, government or business affiliations whatsoever. Just peaceful people who want to make a difference using the skills that we have learnt.

For further information, check out:

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Posted:Best wishes, hope it goes well!!!

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