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Posted:So, before i ever lost a brain cell flingin' poi, i belly danced. I started in college, my teacher, who is now a good friend and also married to one of my best friends, taught a basic course at my college and from there i was hooked. i've been dancing now for about 5 years, and while i love the music and the moves, the thing that really got me hooked was the shiny-ness and jingly ness of it all, let alone the cool props.
I never really got into sword dancing (damn those things are expensive and i suck at it) but i trained with both fans and fanveils for a while, and now that i've been flingin', i find that there's a new fang dangled thing called 'veil poi' or 'voi'. I was wondering if anyone has used them, got any advice about them, whether they're worth it or if i should stick to basic poi and try moving up to fire(i've moved from whacking myself in the face to whacking myself in the ass...so it might be awhile!)
so i'm just curious if anyone has tried them or heard anything about them, good or bad

lemme know!



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Posted:Hello, I'm a fellow bellydancer and poi spinner. There is a dvd out there called Poi for Beginners/Poi for Bellydancers. I bought it for the voi instruction, but the poi instruction was just as good as the other dvd's I've seen. She teaches poi first then shows you how to adjust the poi techniques to use with the veils. If you have your basic poi moves down then veil poi should be pretty smooth for you. You don't need to choose between voi and moving on the fire. You can do both. When you do choose to move on to fire find out as much as you can about safety. Sonya


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Posted:Seriously, it's a marketting gimmick, and not worth sinking money into.

I've been bellydancing 16 years now, poi for 10+ and a heavier silk veil works just fine.
"Voi" is not really different to a flag actually.

I find rope dart techniques to be more useful in creative veil dancing, and many of the passes and such that are used in veil dance to be *exactly* the same as poi.

If you want to make "voi" they're really easy as well, the only major thing to get used to is the air drag with them, which is where practice with flags comes in.

Happy shimmies! wink

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Posted:Don't worry I didn't sink any money into it. After I've taken what I need from the dvds I buy I sell them on ebay. What I mostly wanted to say to GlitterTits is you don't have to choose just one thing. Try a little bit of this and that to find out what really floats your boat.


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Posted:I love veil poi! It makes a beautiful affect even with simple moves! Im actually going to make some veil poi coming up, I have a friend who dyes silk. But I might warn, every set ive seen is pretty pricey.


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Posted:I don't think I'd pay for a whole new prop. You could probably easily modify a rope dart or fire-poi for use as a veil poi.

I'd work on rope dart technique if you wanted on LARGE veil, if you want two, yeah I think poi translates well. This is basically just flag poi with the flag attached only at the head instead of the entire chain.

They also seem to be pretty long chained.

Some of the people trying to act like pros just look like bad poi spinners trying to make a buck or two.

My thoughts.


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Posted:Silk can be very expensive. i suggest buying silk for your veil poi on ebay smile a good starting length would be 84'' long and the width can vary. The thinner it is, the quicker your moves can be. But with wider silk you can create more elegant whimsical effects.



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