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Posted:On the 6th December, a little more info here:
Anyone coming along?

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for a bit more information directions etc.

Not mentioned on there is the show which starts 7ish in a nearby 6th form (notre Dame. Price of show tbc but *should* be 2-3 depending on weather you paid for the day event (4/3 conc)

For those that have been before the day section is in the bigger half of the sports centre.
Beard and Butterfingers will be trading
Crash space available via the students circsoc forum.
Workshops are planned and more welcomed (ala sign in sheet on the day or via circsoc site)

For performery types theres an opportunity to show some stuff during the show halftime 'jugglejam'

Hope to see some HOP types there.


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Posted:Anyone happen to be making the trek from Bristol?

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Posted:I'm coming from along. Looking forward to it smile


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