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PeleBRONZE Member
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Is it me or has the world seemed to have sped up?

We just had a report about a rash of accidents because people were going entirely too fast for the road conditions.

Stores are pushing Christmas/Winter Holidays *before* Halloween now.

A man at work was in such a rush today that he barrelled through a door, into the cup of hot tea I was carrying and I now have 1st and 2nd degree burns up my neck, chin and on my hand.

I went to dinner and people were complaining about waiting more than 10 minutes for their food.

What's the rush?
I don't get it.

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astonSILVER Member
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Yeah. I think it is just symptom of everything being available quickly online and TV and in newspapers.

Also, time for many people, is money so they feel that they need to move qickly.

I feel sorry for anyone who looks back on life and all they see is a blur of faces with no depth, streets and houses that have not been explored....

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ElectricBlueGOLD Member
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Yeah i don't get it either.
Every day i see people weaving rudely in and out of traffic to end up only one car ahead of the people they passed when they reach the trafic lights. I would rather relax and listen to the radio.

Me to rushing people :Hey everyone ... Chillax it's not that important.

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AdeSILVER Member
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As I get older, the world gets faster...

I think Einstein also had something to day about relativity and time speeding up and slowing down..


Pogo69SILVER Member
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people should listen to more loren (fabulous oz independent folky/rootsy muso):


On The Limit

sitting on the limit
I have to hold myself back
I wanna get there before the sun goes down
so we have to make tracks

and I'm always in a hurry
I'm alwasy behind the time

I rush in to make a fire
collect the paper and wood
I'm even in a hurry to get to the roach
which is never good

so why all this hurry
why do I worry about time
I worry about time

I even hurry to light a candle
and to watch it go down
coz I want that feeling in my rear view mirror
of a disappearing town

so why all this hurry
why do I worry about time
I worry about time

I'm tired of all this hurry
I want to take it nice and slow
I dont know where I'm going
do I always need to know
I should just take it nice and
not always on the go
I should just take it nice and

Slow Burn

slow burn
take your time
you don't need to hurry hurry hurry
there's no finish line
listen to your heart now
and speak your mind
there's no need for running running running
when there's nothing to hide

--pogo (pat) [forever and always]

PeleBRONZE Member
the henna lady
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Location: WNY, USA

True 'nuff aston. Thing is, the economy/current state of employment is proving that it doesn't matter how fast/hard you work, heads are on the chopping block anyway.

Ade, I find that too. When I was a kid, summers lasted *forever*. Now I blink and I miss it!

Electricblue...I love watching people do that actually. Or when they get stuck behind someone slow and I wave as I pass them. There is a strange little satisfaction that comes from slow and steady.

Pogo, I think Ima have to give that a listen. I love the lyrics.

I'm a stop and notice it kinda gal and it makes me sad when I see people moving so fast that they don't notice...well, anything.
I often wonder if these fast moving people slow down when they're old and suddenly regret not taking the time or if they just sped through life with their thoughts so buried in what's next that "now" never registered at all, and so they can't miss what never was for them, if that makes sense. I dunno.

I will say I *dread* this time of year. Everyone seems so frantic leading up to the holidays, it gives me anxiety.

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"Oooh look! A pub!" -exclaimed after recovering from a stupid fall
"And for the decadence of art, nothing beats a roaring fire." -TMK

MalcolmSAPPHIRE Member
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Yikes, sorry to hear about your burns.

Sadly people do end up in a panic state. And take huge risks.
Rises in abuse and suicide around this time of year is always a great concern for me.

Wishing you well for your recovery.

Much love


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Mr MajestikSILVER Member
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you know before i could drive a car, i always wondered why people would bother. i liked the relaxed starting and stopping of buses, looking at peoples gardens or into cafes as i walk down the street, stopping in my tracks if i wanted to just stare at something i thought looked nice for a few moments longer.

now i drive a car, and so many times i have been driving down a certain highway and seen a beautiful view over paddocks and hills, and before i can fully appreciate it i'm around the bend up down up down over the next hill and its gone.

recently i've found that i have been so busy purely with catching old friends, going fun places, doing things i'm obligated to do ( like a tax return haha), that i get to have so much fun being busy, its really not all that different to going slower in that i still enjoy whats happening, and now and then i do get to just sit back and gawk where ever i please.

i dont think people are any more busy than they have been before, just the methods of doing things have become faster.

and as for selling christmas items before halloween, well thats just plain greed.

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astonSILVER Member
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Yeah. I know somebody who noticed Christmas stuff in September. *rolls eyes*

Lyrics about moving fast and such?

Well, Escape Key has a nice song about taking your time. Idealised view of gypsies, but a very pretty song....

No Hurry
by Michelle Dockrey

The horses' hooves on pavement make a lonely echoing sound
I look down between the wheels and watch the slowly passing ground
While the swaying of the wagon makes me drowsy in the heat
I count the faded yellow lines that pass beneath my feet

No hurry, no hurry now
Watch the sky for a moment or two
No hurry, no hurry now
You take your time when it's all you can do
No hurry, no hurry now
From town to town, what's another lost day?
No hurry, no hurry now
Wherever it is, it's far and away

We crest the hill and see the crumbling towers by the shore
Pass the signpost for a bridge that isn't standing anymore
Grandma saw this city grand and busy as a girl
Now the gypsies see just a market town, and the homebound, their whole world


We pitch camp by the roadside and the children play and run
Gather wildflowers and blackberries and watch the setting sun
Though our labor is of burden beasts, our freedom is of men
For it doesn't matter where we go, and it doesn't matter when


Papa says it's best this way, and it's all the life I've known
Still I wonder what it's like to call the Raven's speed your own
To hear the voice of a distant friend and see a distant face
But you can't pick roadside blackberries if you move at such a pace


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"How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice.
"You must be," said the Cat, "Or you wouldn't have come here."
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jo_rhymesSILVER Member
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Pele, I've always thought people live too fast. Everything is for convenience- fast food, transport, it's all there to do things faster, to get people to do more quicker.

I agree, people need to SLOW DOWN and breathe, before you know it your life's flashed before your eyes and you didn't even see it coming!

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animatEdBRONZE Member
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When you were a kid, Summers would last forever.

Think, when you're a kid, you only have experience of a few years. therefore one season is a long time, essentially a large fraction of all the time you've ever known.

You get older, and a year doesn't seem so long anymore, because you know how long it takes to pass many of them. it's all perspective, innit.

We have caused ourselves to become a people with attention deficit characteristics, or maybe the disorder has actually increased in people. A lot of this, I think is to blame on USA and UK, and other highly developed nations, where we apparently have so much to do, and so little time to do it in. Time is money. If we want something, we've grown used to not waiting for it. everything is always somebody else's fault. we are a people under stress, not physical, but mental. a lot of this I think is directly caused by currency. not having enough, needing to pay it to people when you don't have it, striving to satisfy our greed for it. stress can make people do weird things.

There are things I want/need to buy, but I'm trying not to buy them for as long as possible. I'm hoping to try and break my dependence on material possessions. Zen for the win!

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Mr MajestikSILVER Member
coming to a country near you
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the idea of buying something always seems more enjoyable than having it, which is convenient since the things i consider buying always cost a lot of money smile

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StoutBRONZE Member
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Sorry to hear about your burns Pele, the same thing happened to my sister a week ago.

I figure this whole "speed of life" thing is directly related to the size of the city that you live in with the frantic pace awards being given to the larger centers.

I'm a walking, cycling in shape kinda guy who *thought* I was pretty quick on my feet, then I moved to Vancouver. I'm walking through the downtown streets, cruising along at my normal pace only to find myself constantly being passed by women wearing high heels...and don't get me started on the driving with all those aggressive little cars zipping in and out of traffic, cramming themselves into spaces that I thought were the *normal* spaces you left between you, and the car in front of you.

Quite often, I thanked FSM that I had a monster pickup with a bush bar on the front...respect through intimidation..yea baby.

I'm glad I left Vancouver

I'm loving my 8 minute commute along a windy seaside road with mountain views, to get downtown. smile

I figure that poor time management skills play a part too. Leaving the bare minimum of time to get someplace then running into an unexpected delay throwing that schedule off, only leads to bonus stress. Likewise, over scheduling, trying to do too much ( aka "living life to it's fullest" ) is one of those ideas that deserves reflection with an eye to a cost/benefit analysis. Sometimes the experience isn't worth the hassle.

Being non materialistic is easy, once you get the hang of it ( yay for Buddhism )

Fruitbasket#1 Bender Fan :D
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I would guess that people have been so use to instant action's and such that now it is becoming are lives.

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Originally Posted By: Mr Majestikhear the news about the guy in adelaide on the weekend who walked stilts 20m high? broke the world record by taking four steps.

RicheeBRONZE Member
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Maybe cause they don't know how to stop
and rrrrrreelllllaaaaaaaaaxin..

I saw Christmass tree allready set up!

It meens, there are more crazy
people than I.

good to know,




BansheeCatBRONZE Member
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We actually have a little orgaization here on the little island I live on, called the "society for the Advancement of Slow" They are tryig to counter this rush rush rush consumer culture agenda... I love it when i see the handmade little blue signs saying "slow" around town, always a lovely reminder...


Listening quietly to the voice of the Earth

Going for a walk

Spending some time every day doing nothing

Learning more about local flora & fauna

Shrinking my ecological footprint

Setting aside more time for friends and family and conversation

Honouring the domestic arts

Growing more of my own food

Keeping a journal to record what I see, hear, smell and feel

Stepping lightly upon the Earth

Keeping my eyes, ears, mind and heart open.

- Nina Raginsky, Society for the Advancement of Slow, Salt Spring Chapter

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PyrolificBRONZE Member
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The Slow Movement

international group in defense of slow living and culture.

I think everyone has a rhythm tho, and for some people its fast paced, and for others its chillax - get almost nothing done, and be happy with that.

for example I'm a fairly 'do everything at once' kinda guy, and mostly that suits me fine. I get a lot of stuff done that Im really happy with. for about 3-4 weeks a year tho, I'm a bit stressed (eg when my Master's final assignments + new responsiblities at work + hobbies = not enough time for sleep) but I honestly dont think I could do the sit back in a rocking chair and watch the clouds for week after week kinda lifestyle...

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burningoftheclaveySILVER Member
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I think the lower down you get in the UK the faster the pace is. I could never live in london cos its just too fast, people have places to go and times to be there (and can sometimes be quite rude in the process of doing so..!)

Go up to the islands on the north of scotland and its much more relaxed. And living in the centre of scotland, I'd say we're3 mostly relaxed, although I did see myself get impatient at a girl in front of me at the tescos checkout who was gabbing away to her mate putting the stuff through the beeper, and so were the rest of the queue, So I guess its dependant on where you live and how you live. I dont like to be rushed but then I'm always running for the bus (or missing it.. oh well!)

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EeraBRONZE Member
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I blame monthly pay cheques. Life seems slower when you get paid fortnightly.

Seriously, I've been in a hurry all my life, slowness winds me up big time, basically because there's something I'd rather be doing elsewhere.

I'll spend all day mosying around a natural history museum, but I don't want to spend twenty minutes in a queue at the bank. Being forced to do something I don''t really want to be doing is the killer.

And when you spend all your work hours counting down the days until the weekend it's time to get a new job.

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hamamelisBRONZE Member
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No kidding, the shop I work in today put out its first Easter Egg stand 0_o

I told a customer that the Christmas stuff we have out is actually intended for next year..

By the way, I tried to reply to this thread a few days ago, and it took forever to load.. I'd closed the window and reloaded up to the same point three times and was getting extremely frustrated before I realised the irony value..

I generally try to slow down, though I walk really fast- this is because walking is my main form of transport, so getting stuck behind people meandering makes me late. When I'm off, so not in a rush, I slow right down..


If that's okay with you?

GlitterTitsCorean Spinner
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People have sped up because our technology has sped up, remember how long it used to take to do anything on the internet?? Using cash took longer than it does to use plastic, getting a hold of someone when they weren't home and didn't have a cell phone took time, writing that term paper took forever cause you had to write it by hand. everything has become so streamlined and easy, that in response we've sped up and now expect things to take little time, and when we actually do have to wait for something, we freak at the glitch in the system.

I agree, people need to slow down, i mean, we're all going to die, but what's the hurry to get there??
I tend to be a fairly worrisome and anxious person, i like being on time, but i definitely do not rush, i work quickly, but i make mistakes if i rush. rushing jumbles everything, blurs it all together, if you don't slow down you miss out on the details and the finer points of life that could truly be essential to your well being.

so hurry up and slow the censored down!


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AdeSILVER Member
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I know when I am busy I achieve more. I achieve less when I have all the time in the world. It's just about being organised.

As my pop used to say, I'll have plenty of time to rest when I'm dead eek

Groovy_DreamSILVER Member
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It also has something to do with the fact that things change a lot more quickly, and things are a lot more unpredictable, eg. lower job security etc. Back in the day people would work the same job for years. Atm its pretty common for people to change jobs all the time. And if you're renting it's likely you have to move house all the time. Add to the mix a neverending amount of social and technological change... The bottom line is when your life is changing constantly, it makes it much harder to form habits, and plan ahead. And if you can't plan ahead, the only way you can get things done is to do them as quickly as possible.

Funky Blessings Daily
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Stout I agree with you. People try to do too much in a day, and don't give themselves enough time for it to begin with. I hate scheduling too many activities for a day, because I know I like to do it slowly.

I also tend to have problems with lethargy, but that's something else entirely.

I don't like the idea of flying, I don't need to be half way around the world tomorrow. I know a lot of you are heavy travelers but I think airliners have a certain audacity that I don't want to go near. The journey is sometimes just as important as the destination, and I don't wanna loose that feeling.

This also reminds me of our waste habits. As a society anyway.
I don't understand where people got it in their heads that "only new is good" Why isn't a used item JUST AS GOOD? I don't understand the concept of needing new for new's sake. Or getting rid of a new car in 2 years just so you can get another new one. Why not run something until it wares out and THEN replace it, and if possible replace it with something used and cheap. I LOVE thrift clothes, old furniture, old homes.

I like slow old things. I really want an old mechanical typewriter...

oh life.

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*btump* wink

cause it's hard enough to spend your time in transit between Bali Bangkok Berlin and Moscow wink

We get more people on this planet too, significantly more and thus we start vibrating at a higher frequency (it seems)...

Some live a life across continents and todays technology gives the opportunity to extend the range, compress the time-in-transit and prolong the hours of the day... earlier we would have had, say 12hrs of sunlight... with electricity we have 24.

In one (average) lifetime we can experience as much (in quantity) as we could in five (back two hundred years ago). We have the opportunity to completely change our lives, not just our environment, a few times even. We can live up to some 100 odd years, as in comparison to only a few decades back then.

There is nothing wrong with it and personally I don't even mind "waste habits" as long as it's all getting properly recycled

Change is inevitable (except from a vending machine) and the ability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances is what essures our and the very survival of our race.

All this said, I'd conclude that it's not as much the (overall) pace but the ability to oszillate when it is necessary and to completely rest and chill out when possible.

Sure there is a downturn to it - as you can see by the fact that many diseases are stress related... The art of slowing down becomes vital.

But I'll read more of this thread later, after I ticked off my "BKK to do list"... only 21hrs left till taxi wink

All the above said - there is nothing wrong with being in a hurry -
only make sure you carve the time to talk to friends, post here on HoP and never to miss out on the opportunity,

being part of something beautiful like this

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Magic Monkey Juice
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Originally Posted By: Pele

A man at work was in such a rush today that he barrelled through a door, into the cup of hot tea I was carrying and I now have 1st and 2nd degree burns up my neck, chin and on my hand.

Non-Https Image Link

laugh3 laugh3 laugh3

Seriously though, that sounds like a horrible thing to happen, especially at work too. I had a pot of boiling tea spilled down my legs when I was a child and it was so painful, and had to spend a day a week for 6 weeks going to the hospital having bandages sorted frown

The world has definitely started to rush more, I think it's because we are told that we want bigger, better and faster. Faster internet, more storage on computers (which I am sure most "home usesrs" who buy terrabyte hard drives don't need). It has become too easy, you can order your shopping online, pay your pills online, socalise online ect, and it can all be done in a matter of seconds, so why take a 15 minute walk to the bank, and stand in a que for 10 minutes, when the same thing can be done in seconds at home? It's got to the point where you don't even need to leave the house, and when you do and things don't happen at the superspeed the internet can provide people will start to get agitated and rush more, and rushing makes people sloppy. "Time is money" and sadly to a lot of people money is life.

Technology is being upgraded so quickly too and people are being told that they have to have it. I have a cheap DVD player and a TV that is over 16 years old, suits me fine, both still (kinda) work, but no I MUST HAVE BLU-RAY AND A HI-DEF TV, and in a few months time, there will be something else I MUST HAVE, and thats another 1000 I would have to spend to get the new thing that I simply must have, so if time is money, theoreticly, I would have to rush more to make the money quicker so I can buy the new thing quicker because, clearly, having that new TV that I must have will enrich my life somehow.

Personally, I perfer taking slow walks places and observing the world go by... Little things amuse me, and I constantly see amusing little things around everywhere which I would miss if I were rushing around everywhere, trying to get things done.

My 2pence... I have been working all night, so am most likley WAY off... I will review and amend when I have time in my busy schedule wink

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