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Location: Hereford

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Posted:Heya im jessie just moved to hereford and looking for a group or even to start a group, ive been doing poi for a little while and want to learn new moves and teach what i know , if any one has any ideas know any one or wanna join in with me i can't wait .


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Zac M

Zac M


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Posted:theres quite a few of us at the colleges that spin. Theres ussualy someone down by the cathedral or bishops medows at the weekend.

starting a group might be fun!


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Location: Herefordshire, England (UK)

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Posted:No way can it be that easy!?

I have been posting for years on this forum for Hereford spinners and yet you saunter in, place a post and get a response in 3 days. You obviously have something I don't...

Hello, yes, I am also very near by- I set up a Herefordshire poi spinners group on Facebook that you should join and push around to your friends if they spin too- it'd be great to get a load of us together- there is a meet on the 11th smile



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