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Posted:Inspirational Double Staff Videosssssss

Dave Colorado
Not all doubles, but every time I watch this video I get something new out of it.

Meast 4
Same again, every time I watch this video I get something new out of it. Still pretty much the peak of Staff Spinning in video form for me.

Fin Anti-spin
Similar to Dave from Colorado in that he seems to do total improvisation in front of the camera, and therefore it's really interesting to watch and to learn new things from.

All of Malamans videos are interesting to watch, as he's very clean, concerned with body movement and interested in new patterns. Ideal.

Dale has some good videos. He's a bit of a crazy young guy, but he's getting more and more tech, and his movement is getting better. His next video is going to be awesome, but his last certainly contains some interesting ideas that nobody else is working on.

Loads of juggling like.

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Chris Carlos
Similar style to kyle/meast/ninja dave with doubles but since there's hardly any footage of two of those, this will have to do:

And if you're tired of life, go and watch the LAB videos...

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Posted:Wicked. I'll get started on these tonight grin

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Posted:Malaman's videos are the reason I went out and bought wooden dowels and made rough versions of staves to start learning Double Staff. I'm mainly a Poi guy, but the clean shapes and patterns he's creating in all of his vids are so beautiful that I HAD to pick it up. I'm not at all good at anything yet, but in time grin


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Posted:So how come there is nothing up there with Noel in it?

MrMalaman's last video, on Halloween, is a personal fave. smile

Oh, and Rastaxel's got one called Positive Vibration with a fair bit of doubles going on in there.

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