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Posted:Hey there HoP, how's it going? Good Good, glad to hear it...

So, last night, I was out and I was going over the fundimentals of doing silly things when tired (apparently), and I did a handstand. Was really going over how to do it, but for some reason, when I went to get down from inverted, I decided to uncerimoniously fall forward and throw my elbow at the ground first (which is usually NOT the correct way to disengage from handstand position).

Short story long... =).... My shoulder made an awesome popping noise and my arm when numb, stood up, rubbed it and jumped around, I was fine again. Later on I was laying it bed and I reached for something and my arm basically went limp after another disturbing popping noise. After some random screaming due to shock, I rolled over and threw my arm into proper arm position.

Today... I can use it, I don't have anywhere near full range of motion, and it hurts a great deal. I've heard Ice, Heat, 'Tiger Balm', and Rest. Is there anything else I can do?

How long should I wait before trying to stretch using that arm to get proper movement back? How long before I can even think about attempting handstands or bridges or any other shoulder strenuous activities?

PS. I know I should PROBABLY see a professional, but I'm a po' student with no health insurance, and I don't think I can swing the bill right now.

Anyhow, thanks.

- Adam

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Posted:sounds like a dislocation to me not a doctor mind... Go to your hosptail cuz if it is and u have relocated it u might of trapped a nerve which will case u pain for a long time. Check it out the limpness sounds a bit worryin.

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Posted:I'll give you the best advice you can ever get over the internet, and I'm sure even Doc Lightning will advocate this:

See a professional.

even getting online help from a qualified doctor isn't a good idea. they need to see the problem too in order to make the best diagnosis.

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Posted:Well, If that was me I would fight the pain, but that always ends badly. Maybe you tore something? But..other then that I have no idea. Thats the one part of my body I have never hurt, My shoulder.

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Posted:For sure go see a professional... Being able to do handstands in the future is a cost thats worth it... much moreso than alcohol or junk food or whatever else you'd blow your meager amounts of cash on otherwise...

I dislocated my shoulder AAAAGES ago and its limited what I can do with poi in a lot of ways. I physically cannot do the fwd 3 beat weave btb... (But luckily I can do waistwraps and stuff, so I'll give away the btb fwd 3 beat.) Its especially important to get stuff like that checked out if you're into object manipulation.



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Posted:I agree.

Are there any free clinics or something around? Maybe they can help?

And it does sound like a dislocation.

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Posted:Well.... Took me over 24 hours to do, but I talked to a professional...

He said it's not dislocated. He thinks the way I landed I did the opposite of dislocating it, and had put pressure at a funny angle on my socket causing some damage to cartilege and tearing some muscle.

So I guess that's good, told me for future reference if it's dislocated I'd be in so much pain that running shoulder first into a wall would sound like a good idea (and indeed might be to pop the shoulder back in). *shrug*

Thanks. Off to rest more and put all sorts of heat on it. *sigh*


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Posted:Originally Posted By: meshunderlayWell.... Took me over 24 hours to do, but I talked to a professional...

Which, as a professional, was going to be my advice.

Look, if someone has a medical question, go ahead and PM me. If I feel comfortable answering it, I'll answer it. I may not check it for a bit, so if it's urgent, that's not a hot idea. But soliciting medical advice on a site like HoP is not a bright idea. You'll get answers ranging from "you need to balance your yang" to "It's in the energy of the crystals" to "it sounds like cancer!"

If you need medical advice, my medical advice is to go see a medical professional.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:Ah - and here was me going to post about how I wonder if doing BTB waistwraps for 5 years is likely to be the cause of having a curved spine...

Darn it wink

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Posted:mmm - I reckon my shoulders are hyper mobile, probly from spinning things a lot for a long time. I really have to take care of them now that I train caps. I've felt wierd things occassionally when doing one handed handstands and the like which worry me a bit.

Katinca is the same. she went to a physio because of shoulder damage, and he was freaked at her range of motion and said that it would probly be really bad for her to ever stop training, because her shoulders might go unstable (or someting to that effect).

so yeah - look after yourself, you dont want to end up like my mate who didn't listen to the doctors and now has a shoulder joint so loose one doctor likened it to mash potato...not good.

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Posted:Hmmm, I have a similar issue with my shoulder from doing gymnastics as a kid.

I can comfortably grasp hands behind my back and lift them right over my head and down in front. Never lost the flexibility even though I dont stretch it any more, though I am conscious to keep my shoulders strong so my arms dont go falling off.

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Posted:Originally Posted By: Doc Lightning But soliciting medical advice on a site like HoP is not a bright idea. You'll get answers ranging from "you need to balance your yang" to "It's in the energy of the crystals" to "it sounds like cancer!"

or how mirrors actually contain the colour "hyper purple" tongue2

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