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Posted:I made this little video.

It's got some club contact tricks in it. It could be just the tiny version of a longer video.

I was just wondering if people liked club contact and wanted to see a longer video with other tricks, some text names/tutorial/tips and lots of basics and progressions. It's quite easy for me to learn from a dark youtube video of a performance, filmed from the back on a mobile phone, when a club contact trick is done at full speed once, but I think it might be quite hard for other people who perhaps don't do so much club contact.

Plus I, like everyone else, love Wes Peden so I will make this video for him.

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Posted:nice one meg.. some nifty tricky stuff, and im liking the halo and angel rolls..

also, nice idea wearing a beanie, good to see something new there smile


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Posted:Hi Meg!

Very impressing; thanks a lot!

As you could guess, more and longer videos are ALWAYS wanted!

Greets, David





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Posted:I enjoyed that a lot Meg, I would certainly like to see a longer video with tricks names and, well, more of the same!


ah wah wah wah a wah wah


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Posted:cool smile
definitely vote for a longer video with more tricks in! would be really interested to see what you did with two+ clubs actually..

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Posted:Yup, liked that smile Did you happen to meet Sam at the BJC this year by any chance? He's fairly sick with club manipulation and a good guy to chat to if you havnt met him.

I've been playing with a few things with clubs too, one thing i found is that angel rolls are easier if you start by holding the club by the head rather than the handle.

More videos please.

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Posted:nice one you realsie that it can be done with a staff?





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Posted:Brilliant!! i am working on the same kind of tricks actually. Good to see those moves!

Keep going on your path, i want to see more!! smile



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Posted:yes,so nice to see that!great vid...i want to see more too!


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