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Posted:Hi everyone - two questions:
1. I've recently (well, last January) moved from CA to Maine...does anyone know of spinners/jams in the Portland area?
2. A group of buddies (photo students from Maine) and I will be travelling to NYC in Jan/Feb 2009. From looking through the discussions, it doesn't look like there's a regular group of spinners there, but just in case I thought I'd ask. I for one would love a chance to spin on this trip, and I'm sure some of the others I'll be with would like to photo, if people are okay with being photo'd. Any suggestions? (then again, maybe I'm loony for thinking this is even possible in Jan/ getting used to the East Coast weather LOL!)

Thanks for any leads!

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Posted:Well, I and some others do spin in the NYC area.

I'm starting to think they're afraid of the weather getting colder though.

I'm always down to chill (sometimes literally) and spin (I'm also an avid juggler).

There's this gym I started going to that some friends basically run the juggling club at, but unfortunatly you need a gym membership to get in there *sigh* (about 37.00 for 6 months), but they only meet up on Thursdays.

Aside from that Central Park is always nice, unless it's raining or something.




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Posted:California to Maine is a pretty big step!! Don't worry though, you'll get used to the weather sooner or later! I'm actually from South Portland myself, but i relocated up to the middle of nowhere to a place called Corea, Maine after graduating college in Machias in May. It's getting a little too cold to spin outside, so currently i'm trying to find places to spin inside, but i end up worrying that i'm going to knock something over to get too far.
I'm new to spinning, i started about a year ago, and i'm progressing slowly, but it's hard 'cause i don't know anyone else around who does it. I'm looking forward to making the step towards fire, i'd love to incorporate it into my belly dancing. but right now, i'm still whacking myself in the head to much for that to be possible!! I'm in Portland every once in a while and if you haven't died from frost bite by the time summer hits, we'll have to see what we can do about spinning together!

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