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Posted:And it wasn't even my free copy, it were somebody elses...

If you like reading other peoples opinions read on: (Or if I know you, I'll say something about you in this, if I don't more than likely I won't.)

Firstly, again, the quality of all the videos improved DRAMATICALLY over last years. There was no really truly bad stuff this time.

Couple of things I noticed immediately:

Sage: ZOMG, if there had been a pro camera crew there it would have super super super awesome. That camera dude was okay, but with a better camera, and more angles would really have done sage's performance justice. I mean, making fire orb interesting for like 4 minutes? Who would have thought that was possible!?!? Good dancing, good job!

Clure: Why is your camera sooooo grainy! ARGH! Nice use of guitar friend. I liked the close up of his face. The black between the fan cuts was perhaps a tad too long thou... Good to see some irish waterfalls!

What's with the DVD case saying Northern Ireland for one entry and Ireland, UK for another? Northern Ireland is part of the UK, Southern Ireland / the Republic, isn't. So that's the same thing? Plus the 2nd to last entry, from the US isn't listed on the back of the case which was confusing, since I think all the rest were...

Woolsey: Look at the camera more I think. Remember flirt with the camera! Also, really nice sequences that you culd tell you had worked on, with some really nice arm movement and gracefully dance ness. Hmmmmm.

FireTribe: You're camera angle almost crossed the invisible line. Which makes the 90 degree cut disorientating. Isometric angles / 45 degrees from front on, are different enough, and show the wheel plane.

Bluecat: Too many fades, not enough 'speed' changes in the spinning on the editing I think maybe. The scenery is almost better than the watching of the spinning. Over use of the silouette and the funny hats. Good effort for juggling in winter in scotland in loads of clothes thou.

Shilly Shally: Good use of close ups. Shame it's just from a gig, would have liked to see more of your crazy personality chris, and more dance stuff from you guys, cos I know you're awesome. Two very different camera shots as well, one very orange and the other a higher shot showing the audience in front. The orange one is rather nice, but the other is not so well done. The light isn't so good in that one.

Not many stories this time around I seem to recall.

Unhurried: EXPLORATORIUM! Woohoo! errrrr, nice staff stuff, good movement as every. By the end thou, I would have like to see you hurry up. Some differences in the intesity of your movement would have been nice. There were some really beautifully graceful bits in there thou... Hmmmmmmm.

Sandy: Juggle wibbling? Oh dear. Have you taken up WoW as well? Don't you have better things to do with your time? ;P
Er yeah, nice video, liked the previous location under the M32 better, had more Contact Staff in it too. What can I say? I'm biased. I could see the influence of the india (was it india?) trip.

Noel: Er, you look a bit like a school teacher... tongue2 Some geeky ass Poi in there, and some good looking backgrounds... A bit frantic with the Poi at the end thou....

Durbs: YEAH! Good effort! I bit far from the camera occassionally, and like you'd just gone out to the forest near your house with a camera and a tripod.... Swwweeeeettttt footwork, some really well integrated with the Poi movements. You're trying to be the whipcatch king huh? Is that like the milky bar kid but different? "Whip Catches are on me!" Er, yeah, really liked it. Could have done with you doing every awesome whip catch you know, in a row, with incredible transitions in a single shot... but well... that'll be next year huh? wink

Firegroove: Wooooooo, I was at that film shoot! grin gotta love lester and jade's routine and the Fire Swords... grin Love you guys.

Michael: Go SOX! Was this filmed before or after firedrums?

Er... yeah, nicer DVD this time too. I liked the solarised slowmo title sequences. Of course the question is: Whose silouettes are on the cover? And the real question, why is the earth pictured on the cover centered on america? here's me thinking HOP was based in NZ? grin

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Posted:Wow - these COL videos are just getting better and better - both in the quality of the vids, and in the music!

congrats to all the Winners - I'm not surprised at the placings, although I think there are some other honourable mentions that could fit in there - I'll post again with some of these after I watch the video again.

Durbs you fatty - well done! smile

Well done Malcolm for continuing to provide one of the only serious fire comps with a global reach, and outstanding diversity.

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