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Posted:A friend of mine (Buddhist practitioner for 15 years) has come up with it and I thought it would be worth considering:

Through her practices she feels almost as if flying to different (spiritual) realms... now she would like to enhance this by changing her diet to "light" foods...

Certainly foods do have different qualities and besides me thinking that it's always best to supply what the body requires (may that be vegetables or meat) there is a variety of food that one can consider "light" - as in beneficial for the spirit.

That - of course - includes "karma-free-food" such as fruits and vegetables.

Harvesting such is (usually) not doing harm to the supplying plant, therefore there is no suffering included (whereas the way of how the plants are farmed plays into account here).

Meaning that, whilst potatoes is a "grounding" (earthy) vegetable, it does not contain any heavy karmic load.

There are many aspects of spiritual diets, I am nowhere an expert in this, therefore would like to hear your input.

Besides all that, I would like to emphasize that I personally consider a healthy diet only one that is based on variety and one that is meeting the physical bodies demands. We can live on a vegan/ vegetarian/ gluten free/ raw veggie/ name-it-yourself diet if we like to, which will be beneficial to the mind - hence not every body will respond the same way. For some it's fine, others may develop a deficiency. The mind can overrule this deficiency to a certain extent (as in not listening to/ ignoring the body) - after this extent the body may get damaged (at some stage of neglect even beyond repair). Whist the person still feels good, following a certain (ethical) diet, his body will look unhealthy and slowly deteriorate... still he will have a smile on his face and tell you that everything is (more than) perfect... the body can go a long way, the mind can go further...

So after all I reckon it (again) is important to find the right balance and to adjust the diet to the intent: fasting and a regulated intake for meditation and spiritual practices, 'indulging' for heavy workouts...

Your opinion?

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Posted:Well, Stone - I guess you're on the right track here.

I side Mike that life stems on other life. Not sure whether or not plants suffer, they certainly have an experience (of life).

In my universe all is one - or at least derives from one(-mess) wink therefore all is connected. Suffering stems from resistance to accept "that what is" (this is where I follow Mike again). Plants certainly have an experience (so they might feel pain) but whether or not they "suffer" ...

We like to measure our experience of life on a certain (vibrational) level - disregarding those virae, bacteriae and trillions of lifeforms that cease to exist due to our existence. We classify insects as not as worthy to live as (say) our cats - by that we're completely missing the point of life and what it ultimately is about (IMHO at least). We continue to live in Samsara - just a nicer version of it.

This thread is more about the spiritual aspects of foods and their qualities in terms of spiritual practices... and we're right on topic again... wink I guess...


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Posted:Well Fire Tom, if its spiritual substance you are after, then perhaps you could contemplate reading some of the sutras relating to samadhi, like the Anapanasati sutra for example.

If we as members of the human race practice meditation, we can transcend our fear, despair, and forgetfulness. Meditation is not an escape. It is the courage to look at reality with mindfulness and concentration. Thich Nhat Hanh


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