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Posted:Hey, I am in Melbourne and looking for a place for me and my girlfriend. I know of Gumtree but does anybody know of good places to find apartments and such to rent. So far all I get from Gumtree is people from Africa with much gladness, who are all pastors and the keys to the flats are in Africa answering. I will get around to renting those flats just as soon as I finish sending my money to all the Nigerians who will deposit millions in to my account and I get to keep a good percentage. For a small fee of course...

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Posted:Have you tried
They seem to be pretty good and have lots of good search features.

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Posted:hey ry, i have had great success at the rental noticeboard window "Readings" bookshop, Lygon St, Carlton. It's a pricey neighbourhood but in my experience you have a chance there of finding share-house savvy professionals (25+ Yrs)
good luck and lemme know if u help mate.

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As a long time local here, and having goen through the process of renting a new place just recently myself... I'd have to say it's a pretty tough market.

Notice boards you can check if you want to share house:

The Veggie Bar - Brunswick Street
Friends of the Earth - Smith Street
The Fruit Pedlar - High Street, Northcote.

If you are looking for a place on your own, your best option honestly is to go into the real estate agents, and ask for whatever keys they have to open properties. After six months of house hunting through and most local agencies, I got offered for 2 flats, both of which were ones that I had collected the keys for and filled in applications straight away.

Best of luck to you! smile


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