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Forums > Help! > fire breathing: how to aspirate???

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the crazy chick
Location: Searsport, Maine
Member Since: 29th Oct 2008
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Posted:I have been trying to get this down for a little while. Does anyone know of a video or could someone explain to me in great detail how you do this?

I know that fire breathing is dangerous and I have read all the other articles but nothing seems to be helping me.

Could anyone help please? smile

Penguins...lovely. -_-


Location: Perth
Member Since: 4th Jul 2007
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Posted:..."To inhale into the airways foreign particulate material, such as vomitus."

You may need to explain a bit more what you want.

Are you TRYING to inhale the fuel into your lungs? Or do you want to know how to avoid it?


Location: Hicksville, New York, USA
Member Since: 15th Sep 2008
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Posted:In the course of talks with fire breathers, I have heard them use the word aspirate to describe what they are doing. I think one of them also mentioned a "raspberry", if you know what that is.

Other than that, I'm pretty sure in the Fire Breating FAQ somewhere here on the HOP, there is a description of what to do.

Check Here : http://www.homeofpoi.com/lessons_all/teach/Library-Fire-Breathing-Introduction-11_52


the henna lady
Location: WNY, USA
Member Since: 15th Dec 2000
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Posted:meshunderlay, "blowing a raspberry" is when you kind of put your tongue between your lips and vibrate them to make your lips vibrate (and tongue really). Usually spit flies out when doing it.


When you put your lips on someone (usually belly) and blow alot of air through them to make them vibrate and thus tickle the person, that is also a raspberry.

Both involve the rapid vibration of your lips by pressing air through them, which is what a person is looking for.

It is also likened to the vibration needed in the lips to play a trumpet, but since I've never played a trumpet, I am hardly one to say.

Hope that helps clarify, and not further confuse, that! lol wink

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Location: Hicksville, New York, USA
Member Since: 15th Sep 2008
Total posts: 612
Posted:Okie dokie, works for me.

You're the person to be answering these questions anyhow. =)

I like playing with fire, I'm just not sure I'm really a fire breather type. I've seen some nice videos of people doing it poorly and the end results, I'd rather keep my fire at the end of a torch or chain.

Although I have always wanted to light my head on fire, I was very jealous of the picture in the competitions section where the fellow had his mohawk on fire.

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