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Location: Texas
Member Since: 8th Jun 2008
Total posts: 24
Posted:Is anyone going to MELTDOWN June 28th in Dallas? It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with poi directly but its techno-ish and there will be lots of glow stick spinning etc. If so let me know! ubblove Also I will be in the Dallas area on 4th of July. ubbangel


Location: Chapel Hill, NC
Member Since: 7th Jan 2007
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Posted:I wish I had read this sooner! I just moved to Dallas this June and love to spin. I'm not terribly good, but practice will help. I'd like to meet some fellow poi lovers, do you know of any meetups?


Member Since: 16th Oct 2008
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Posted:That wasn't meltdown...

That was 'Summer Meltdown'

A WHOLE diff event...

Meltdown Meltdown is 2m night...

Location: Texas
Member Since: 8th Jun 2008
Total posts: 24
Posted:it was still meltdown...

I actually ended up going to Meltdown October 25th! : )
I wore a Harley Quinn costume...in case anyone might had seen me.

Location: Garland, TX
Member Since: 27th May 2008
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Posted:Meltdown! NOT A GOOD PLACE TO SPIN! Lizard lounge doesn't like spinners at there venue! I've got hassled there lots!

"Dream as you will live forever, and live as you will die today"
James Dean


Location: Flying south for the winter.
Member Since: 26th Oct 2009
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Posted:Can't spin at Meltdown or Summer Meltdown, Palladium Ballroom won't let you spin either. I don't usually go to either though, better clubs in town than that.

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