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Posted:After a year of idleness, I have caught the charity bug again! I am now working as an online merchant for Oxfam. We essentially enlisting items on eBay and other online systems and the proceeds generated get funnelled back into the organisation for it's humanitarian effort across the world.

As you are already aware, Oxfam has played a major role in the relief effort in the Burma Hurricane and the Sichuan Earthquake as well as many other disaster around the world so it is definitely worth supporting.

I know there is a stigma surrounding buying from Oxfam because most people are under the impression that the goods sold are second hand. That is very far from the truth! Most of our stocks sold on eBay are actually brand new, with tags still attached! They are often donated straight from the suppliers who deemed the items to be post season. Think of TK Max but at an even cheaper price! Honestly, you need to check it out to believe it! I have already got some books and jeans for dirt cheap price! We are talking about top name brands like Levi, Miss Sixty, Energie to name a few. The CDs and DVDs on offer were quite impressive. I actually wanted to keep a couple of the CDs that were being dispatched. Honestly, it is really worth looking for a bargain!

The profile for the eBay account can be accessed here !

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