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Posted:Quote:Dear Malcolm and George,

Hello again! This is Ray from Roadtrip Nation, and I hope all is well! First off, on behalf of Fawna, Allison, Maya, Bernardo, myself, and the rest of the Roadtrip Nation crew we would like to extend both of you a huuuuuge thanks, for sharing your passion and life story with us. With that said, I also want to say congratulations! The interviewed that we had with you is now finished and edited, and up on MSN.Com. I pasted the link below, and if you have any trouble with the link at all, please just go to and search Roadtrip Nation New Zealand, and the interview should come up. As humble and admirable of a person as you are Malcolm, I hope that this can in some way show you the power and effects of your efforts, as it truly is an example for those wishing to follow their passions and committed to doing something they love! I also just wanted to let you both know, that because of the trip I have been moved to pursue the things in life that I love, and am currently going after them! I would also love to hear how you guys are doing, and all of the newest developments at Home of Poi! Thanks once again for all that you have taught and shared with us, and good luck with all your future endeavors!

Fawna, Allison, Maya, Bernardo, Ray, and all of Roadtrip Nation!

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Great video.

Who was the fire spinner at the end?

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Posted:It would appear that the fire spinner at the end was "just" some random unknown busker in the Arts Center - certainly wasn't part of what we arranged for them!
They cut that story together quite nicely I think.

Looks good Malcolm - please pass on my thanks to the team.

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Posted:Awesome vid. grin

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Posted:I like this interview a lot.

thank you,





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Posted:very nice smile

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