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jemima (jem)
jemima (jem)

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Posted:Just wondering if people find it hard to visit people in hospital, what else can you do other than bring them flowers and talk random rubbish at them? Is it enough just to make the effort to be there for them?

sorry for having a depressing topic but i am just curiouse

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Posted:i ****ing HATE with a passion going to hospiotals....

its all clean for a start.

its all white

theres loads of dead and dying people and stuff

just think of all the diseases you can pick up

everything is just the same..your sense of personality flies outta the window.

i really dont like it...and ive had to recently go lots of times...gran, grandma, my mate alex, and others...i hate it.


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Posted:Yeah, but however uneasy you feel in a hospital, it's guranteed the person you are going to see is feeling worse Remember however long they've been in hospital, it'll seem like longer and they will probably be bored.

Ask if there's anything they'd like/need you to bring into hospital. Hospital stays can make patients feel out of the swing of things so they might appreciate you updating them on all the gossip they've missed out on. If they're mobile take them outside for some fresh air because hospitals can be hot and stuffy.

Hope this helps

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Doc Lightning
Doc Lightning

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Posted:Well, I spend a lot of time in hospitals (it's my job). Every time I walk in the door, I thank the higher powers in the Universe that I'm walking in of my own choice and under my own power.

I find that most patients suffer from boredom. They're sick and don't feel well enough to do much else than watch TV. It's a rare patient who feels well enough to read. Just having a familiar person in the room is good for them, even if you're just sitting there quietly, not talking to them, and reading a book or doing your homework or something. When my dad was in the hospital, I just sat there and studied while he lay there. We'd talk from time to time, and then when he slept I'd just keep studying.

The hospital is a miserable and boring place to be a patient. Any change to routine is good. Any reminder of your humanity and your life outside is also good.

Oh, and don't bring flowers unless you've checked with the hospital. Flowers can cause allergies in some patients and they can introduce bad germs. Balloons are the best way to go. Either that or a simple get-well card.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:How about strippers, are those hospital-safe?

Seriously whenever I go into a hospital I can't help but look at all the cool gadgets and try to figure out how they work... If I were a patient I'd be very happy just to talk to the docs and nurses about the procedures they do, find out all about whatever had me in there in the first place and how they're owrking on it, etc.

Then again, I have a big interest in medicine, enough so that I was a pre-med student for a while... don't have the necessary patience for the job though But yeah every time I go to the college clinic, and they ask me if a med student can assist diagnosing me, I'm all for helping them get job experience.

Going in to visit a friend or relative is definitely a good idea, if for no other reason than to remind them you're their friend and want them to feel better. Trust me, the effort goes a long way with a suffering person.

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Doc Lightning
Doc Lightning

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Posted:quote:Originally posted by Dio:
How about strippers, are those hospital-safe?
Ok. True story: A few months ago, a 15-year-old inpatient in our pediatric hospital somehow managed to call a hooker to come to the hospital. I'm not sure if they actually "completed the transaction," but they got caught (duh!?!?). Police got involved, big mess.

But really funny. I don't know any more details, but it did make a little footnote on national news.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:Hi all,

Have just been in Hospital myself for a couple of days. Apparently I have peptic ulcers (didn't do a gastroscopy though). In a lot of pain still but on codiene so quite happy!!

People who visited nicked my little tv and watched that, but I was nil-by-mouth so no grapes, and have heyfever so no flowers either.

It was not nice, and I encouraged to go home cos they looked so bored!!!


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Posted:I haven't had any really serious hospital stays... the longest was probably about a week. The best thing anyone ever brought me was smuggled in food. I was on a jello (which gags me) and broth diet and my parents snuck in a Japanese steak house dinner with lots of ginger and mustard sauce. I realize this might have been harmful but it was the greatest thing I'd ever seen in my entire life and I live to tell about it. Boredom is a big problem. Never having a major problem I've enjoyed books (especially Terry Pratchett novels) and Cryptic Crosswords. Personally I hate flowers but that is just one of my own little foibles. Balloons I have no opinions about one way or the other. Although balloon animals made with helium inflated balloons can provide some slight entertainment. I love watching hospital staff trying to get the things down.... same thing goes for playing cards. Other than that I would say just be there, talk if the person wants to. I think get well cards (especially homemade ones) are great. I think it largely depends on the individual but just stopping by shows you care.

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Posted:I've just got outta hospital.

It was hellish.

The thing I really hate about hospitals is the fact that the walls really seem to drain the colour out of everybody. Even if you're not sick you LOOK sick because of ..... I dunno, it's just the way people in hospitals look.

I've fractured my knee if anyone's interested, lol. Can't walk and crutches are awful things.


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Posted:i've lost track of the number of times i've been in hospital, but i do remember the visits! here are a few nice things you could bring to someone in hostibubble (as i prefer to call it>...)

a deck of cards, nothing like a good game of hospital strip poker... (kidding, but cards are great)
any other easy to use wihtout messing up blankets, broken limbs etc, board games! magnetic travel games are good for this purpose!
their fave magazines, or a funny book from the library
pencils, crayons and a sketch book. Most ppl like drawing or doodling of some sort, and its something they can do after your visit is over
hand made cards, or letters, again, something to read or remember you by after the visit is done.
foods not always the best thing to bring, but if you know their favourite non alcaholic beverage (like, coke, or chocolate milk) bring some of that!

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Posted:when i was in kinder i broke my femer and i was in hospital for 2 months. as far as i remember i had lots of fun cos i was in a ward with other kids that were a bit older thatn me. the best things that ever happend were proly my cosin who use to come and see me almost every day after school and having paper air plane wars be tween the other kids, and swinging on my traction (the docters my little triangle thing away though )

i think the best thing you could bring some on in hospital would be a big bag of lots of fun little things to keep the ocupied ie: soft toys cards paper pens beads and thred texters and other things that dont take much effort or time to do also a huge card signd by all there friends.


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