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Posted:I was just wondering what I should do because I have plenty of methylated spirits but I'm not sure if its safe to use as staff fuel.

Should I just use metho or wait a few days till I can buy some kerosene?

PS. If you have any info on side effects of metho, kero and/or boric acid, I'd like to hear it.


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Posted:Have a read off the Fire section on here - i'm sure it's got heaps of info on fuel.

I've used meths before and it seemed ok - it doesn't burn as well and is a bit smoky from memory but i wouldn't reccomend using it all the time as i've got a funny feeling it isn't that good for your poi/staff. Good Luck i hope this help.

Happy burning!

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Posted:please honey, dont use metho, as its not all that safe.

Meanwhiles, i notice you are in melbourne! ME TOO! did you know we have a fabulous fire gathering every wednesday night? I'll pm you the details....

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