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Posted:i live out of a 70 litre pack for most of the summer which needs room for my food and water, and my dogs food and water, aswell as clothing, sleeping bag and a bunch of other supplies. i think if I start busking I need to find the most efficient and light weight way to carry safety supplies (for safety and to keep the authorities off my back for spinning fire in cities)

I was wondering if anyone knows of a compact alternative to a wet towel and also if you guys think one of those squeeze bottles full of sodium bicarbonate (for putting out kitchen grease fires) would replace a fire extinguisher in the eyes of the authorities.

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Posted:Hmmm i'm not sure if that would suffice but maybe you could find a piece of duveteen for actually putting out your props and the also carry a real fire blanket only for a emergancies

This is what we do for shows. Because we know that the duveteen is better for putting out props in a show situation but a fire blanket with all the appropriate labels looks better for the authority's.

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