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Posted:Hi, I am beginner who started about 4 weeks ago. I can do all the oficial beginner mover up to Chasing the Sun on this site. I want to start incorporating movement into my poi but I am having trouble with transitions. Where did you guys go to learn how to do transitions from move to move or how did you go about teaching yourselves?? Thanks y'all!


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First off, top marks for so quickly wanting to start moving with your poi as opposed to leaping into atomic inverter hyperflops wink

You lose a couple of marks though for not trying a search on this, as there's a good couple of threads about tranistions in here smile

There's a couple of approaches and different exercises you can use to get used to moving between moves - the key thing i'd suggest is working your planes in conjunction with stalls/wraps/pendulums etc.

But first of all just tap "transition" into the search function up top and have a read.
I recommend reading the results with a nice cup of tea, a couple of biscuits, some nice tunes and your poi.


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Posted:thanks for the help. It didn't even occur to me to search this site for anything beyond lessons on moves. I'll try it out and get back to you. Thanks for the help!



Posted:ps, should i know stalls wraps and pendulums before i start transitions?


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Posted:not necessarily. It kind of depends on what interests you. But if you think about it, those things can be used to change direction and help become a part of your transitions.

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Posted:Stalls wraps and pendulums (Though I'd classify pendulums as a type of stall) can help you transition when you need to change from same direction to butterfly stuff... but its not 100% necessary.

Other "movement" tips is to try to envision yourself connecting a part of the poi to your body... so have the head pulling on your hip or the handle pulling on your hip and play around with that.

I love some stalls in which the poi head pulls on my head. grin



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Posted:On the other hand I think even if you don't plan to incorporate a lot of stalls into your spinning, practicing stalls *really* helps you learn individual poi control - or at least it did for me. I never had too much trouble moving the poi around individually, but I didn't start getting *really* comfortable with it until I started practicing stalls in every direction (up, down, sideways, sweeps) with one poi while doing something completely different with the other. And I think individual poi control is the most important transition skill, because it allows you to seamlessly swap directions in loads of combinations, and it helps keep you smooth during otherwise tricky transitions.

But there isn't really a set way to do things - you just pick up what's comfortable for you when it's comfortable.

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