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Posted:There's always been talk about allowing longer video clips and other sections etc (well there's always talk about the should and should not's for COL! wink ) So we listen and learn and investigate possibilities. and now we can actually do something about it without breaking everyone's bank!

Double layer DVD printing technology is now sufficiently stable and cost effective that we will be able to produce a one disk COL DVD of extended duration for not much extra cost. This allows us to open up new categories and also provide the option for increased duration clips. So we have:

New category: CoL4Kids - for the under 13's. Not a competition, but a chance to show everyone what you can do and learn and improve. We hope this section will encourage the next generation of object manipulators.

Amended rule around duration - new maximum of 5 minutes. This is a reasonably arbitary number (any number would be arbitary), but we feel we need to put "a" limit and 5 mins is as good as anything as a starting point. We don't want to encourage looooong video clips just for the sake of filling up the time so the rule says something about a target average of 3 minutes per clip and tell us your reasons if you go above 3 mins.

We've been listening and thinking about the other suggestions for new sections, professionals/amateur, hoops/juggling/staff/poi etc... at this stage, like some have said, we don't see how these can be readily distinguished between and the lines will always be blurry, so we prefer to keep everyones options open by having the one "general" category until such a time as other sections become more obviously in need of seperation from a general category.

Your continued feedback is always welcome and will help shape the future. The Rules are not fixed in stone so please, kick this around and let's see if anything needs changing...

Oh, and in case you hadn't noticed before, I wrote a few pages about the history and philosophies of CoL into what I optimistically call an "e-book". There's some information gaps (even Malcolm's brain doesn't hold all the info wink !) so any feedback to complete and improve it would be appreciated.


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Posted:Wow, I so excited to be on a compalation with so many friends and talented spinners!

Tragic that Yuta and Ronan's video didn't make it on...was dang good. I know there were a few others that didn't make the cut that I would love to see!

Also, been checking the mail everyday waiting for my dvd to come....please come soon!!!!


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Posted:I'm still waiting!






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New stock arrives on Last week of October 2008 ??


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Posted:Haha back in stock! Should be waiting for me when I get back home next week grin

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Posted:So this was a Poi video from me and Ronan for COL2008.

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