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Posted:I have created Fire Dance Information as a resource for anyone involved with or interested in the fire arts. Please,
- Check it out
- Let others know about it
- Suggest listings, so that it can continue to grow
This site is for YOU, so don't hesitate to let me know what you think & make suggestions.

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Posted:Thankyou, but when I want info about the fire arts, I look no further than this site I'm already on, Home of Poi.

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Posted:In "other things" there's a "review my website" thread.. This may be better there. smile

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Posted:hi FireDanceInfo,
thanks for the link.
perhaps consider breaking up the About, Contact, Learn How, Buy Gear, Be Safe, Look Great, Events, Fellow Artists and Network sections into separate pages - putting all into one long list might hurt your SEO.

also consider more links from outside the US. There's so many styles of firedance out there, it would be a shame to focus on only one country.

lastly, consider adding a 'recently updated' list for your content, that way it'll encourage visitors to to return when as they can gauge that the site serves as more than a static list.

thank you for contributing our fire community - I personally know how much effort it takes to keep a fire site running. There are alot of our fire siblings out there that will benefit from the added exposure you are providing!

big hugs,

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Posted:MEGA - hug to you and your effort... great community project, big compliments for that. I like it the way it's set up now but side Bender on a "recently updated" section to attract visitors to come back regularly.

If something else crosses my mind, I'll let you know smile

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Posted:FANTASTIC suggestions! Keep checking back & you'll see your suggestions result in real changes. Any listings you think are missing, PLEASE let me know & I'll get them on the site. Remember, it's a list site, so it's different from a site like Home of Poi or other staples of the fire community.
Thank you. Keep it coming.

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