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Posted:I'm not positive if this is something that is reasonable to post on HoP But I don't know what else to do...
I'm young, I know, very young, but I really do love him, and I can't see me with anyone else in the future...
We have been together since early December last year. We had been broken up for a couple month's time, but got back together, seemingly stronger than ever before...
Just recently he hasn't been getting on to talk to me. (Currently we can only talk through the computer) I talked to him once last night, none the past few nights, and not tonight.

Every time I think about loosing him I can't help but cry and it gets unbearably hard to breathe.. I've also noticed that I end up wrapping my arms around myself.. almost as if to hold myself together...
I have lost someone else before... he faked suicide and moved across the country... And that did wonders for my self-esteem...(So much better than just breaking up with me...)

I'm sorry if I seem a bother, or if this comes of as some teenage-love thing... but I really don't know how I could ever handle loosing him...

Does anyone know what I should do? Have any of you been through something like this?

Thank you in advance... hug

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Posted:Yeah. I guess that the only thing to do is keeping trying.

Although what I have at the moment seems to be working out quite well. I am not worried about it now, more worried about when it ends.

Not that I want it to or expect it to soon. Just that someone you are in a relationship with at 21 is unlikely to be with for longer than a few years. I think. I dunno.

Gotta love love I guess.

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Posted:all conceptual games of the mind. form (as age) doesn't matter.

Guess the same statement as yours above would apply to a 99yr old couple wink

In the end, all that matters is

how much we have lived,
how much we have loved and
how much we have learned to let go...

One step after the other, baby wink

the best smiles are the ones you lead to wink


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