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Posted:So I'm watching tutorials on the atomic weave, and Nick woosley says its a weave doing opposites, and then that other guy Nick Cann I believe says you need to know how to do the corkscrew and a 3 beat weave. Which is it? I can't determine how to do this correctly with two different methods. Someone enlighten me...

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Posted:Would you believe that there are other methods different than those two as well? Plane bending into atomics, for example.

Its like learning to do any move. This way works better for one; that way works better for another. You dont necessarily have to try and merge the two tutorials together. Try learning them separately and see which way feels more comfortable for you.

...lame advice, huh?

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Posted:no I see what you mean. im just being impatient and can't do this trick. Or atleast it doesn't look like I'm doing it properly. Ive caught on to every tutorial except this one.


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Posted:I found the plane bending one a bit easier... and Nicks isnt quite doing opposites... its in same direction split time, but because the planes are at 90 degree angles when viewed from the front they cross over like its in opposites...

I can't do the Nick Cann one, myself... its one I've found difficult to get my hands to do... but thats because I've been whirling a little longer than you (if your registration date is anything to go by) and so my hands are more locked in...

I'd recommend trying to get the Nick Cann one if you can, it'll help you unlock your hands and poi from one another, but the Nick Woolsey one is no less relevant.

Combine my lame advice with Squids and I think you're onto a winner.



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Quote:A move where the poi are spinning over your head in two planes which meet to form a triangle above your head pointing upwards.

More generally the term atom is used to describe any move in which each poi is spinning in a plane at 90 degrees to that of the other poi but with the same centre of rotation.

thx Matt


Atom is more something like an ideal
plane configuration.





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Posted:Thanks Richee!

As hes writing above atomics is more of a spinning concept than a trick/move itself. Like wallplane, isolation, hybrid and more.

I dont know the different names or how you could name the different kinds of Atomic weave versions, what I do know is that there is a lot of combinations so just go out there and find the kind of atomics you like. Wish you all luck!

off topic: Richee, iv been locking forward to meet you and I heard rumors that you where going to EJC but as I dont know how you look or your style when spinning looks like I didnt know what to look for frown Where you there?
I really hope to meet you one day cos you got so many ideas that I wish better explanations on tongue2

Thanks for the inspiration even though it could be quite cryptological to understand sometimes wink


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Posted:the 'atom weave' i do is with both poi in front of me but bent outwards at 45 degree angles... if you bend the poi inwards to parallel wheelplane, its the same as a forward notcoleman 3, but if you bend them outwards to wallplane its a reverse 3 beat TTN.. weird. its somewhere in between opposites and same direction i guess...