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I'm a new member of the site, recommended by a friend to find info on fire spinning internationally.

I'll be heading to Japan this October, for about three weeks, and I'd love to spin fire while I'm there. I'll be bringing my rope dart, and I figured I'd head to Yoyogi park in Harajuku and practice there, but I'd love to know where I might be able to go to actually spin fire. Anywhere I won't get hassled? Or is it the kind of thing that I don't really have to worry about, as long as I'm in a reasonably safe area? Tips would be awesome!

Also! I'd *love* to meet fire spinners in Japan! And perhaps, if there's any regular jams or anything, I might be able to tag along?

Thanks a bunch!


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Posted:If you're in Kyoto, there's a group that meets at the point where the two rivers meet.

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Posted:Japan FIre Festival in September
Those lovelies, Yuta etc are the ones to hook up with
Shion is delightful too!

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Posted:Hi Nicoles,
Yoyogi park in Harajuku is where jugglers come and play every weekend, you get to see many wonderfull juggler/spinner and lots of other entertainment.
it is not good idea to put fire anywhere even when you find it is safe area...especially around tokyo area.
But we are having fire gathering randomly once or twice a month so you can join if you would like to spin fire.
Also there are group of people holding weekly spinning gathering in tokyo every Tue,Thurs night called "Shinjuku-Zatsugidan".
PM me if you have any question.
See you soon!

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Posted:I'll be in Tokyo from January onward. I do fans and poi. Hit me up, I'd love to come to your gatherings. My name is Sarah and my e-mail address is alannalp at gmail dot com


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