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  Posted: Get a Grip! A staffer's approach to Buugeng

Hello. Top of the day to you and your captains of industry. There's a lot of excitement in my pants about this wonderful new toy, however there is definitely a learning curve on using it. This is a summary of my experiences with the fundamental issue of grip technique, and is aimed at making that learning curve much easier by applying existing skills you may already have in related toys.

This approach is mentioned in Dai's super-fun video lessons, however it is the purpose of this guide to provide a specific and visual analysis of how to apply staff/poi skillz in holding a Buugeng.

Pivot Points and Open Grips
Your wrist is where alot of twisting happens when twirling. In relation to your forearm, your equipment pivots around your wrist.
For more dexterous movements like the Poi 5 Beat Weave and the Staff Double Figure of 8, the agility of the wrist is not enough, and we must compensate by pivoting also with the fingers, requiring us to open our grip.

Directly applying these existing dual-pivoting, open grip techniques when holding a Buugeng, the elegant curved shape is much easier to learn. Doubles and Closed grip

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now for a visual analysis of the grip - starting with a staff. It is much easier to get away with a closed grip on a Fire Staff. Heavier staffs benefit from the extra strength of a closed grip however it sacrifices the extra pivoting at the fingers.
Buugeng and Closed grip

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If we try the same closed grip no a set of Buugeng, it curves around in a very unique directions. One is challenged to learn to move in such a way so as to accommodate for the different shape - one way to reduce the difficulty is to open the grip, allowing for the fingers to pivot.
Buugeng and Open grip

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By opening the grip, we can place a gentle angle where the wrist and fingers pivot. In relation to the firearm, this grip allows the Buugeng to take up an area of space approximating what staff twirlers are used to (as depicted in the first image.)
To be sure, there are ultimately no limits to how to hold this wonderful new toy, as your skill increases no doubt you will be able to perform contact-catches along your neck while singing the Bulgarian National Anthem. My Suggestion is essentially that an open, angled grip allows you to adapt most staff skills you have to maximise your starting point.
After that you choose where to go.

I chose the kitchen.

Again, much thanks to Dai for putting so much energy into putting innovative folding s-staves into production for all of us to enjoy!


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  Posted:wow! i got to play with these a few weeks back! So fun! Certainly interesting as a shape, but really hard to isolate. lol

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  Posted:Nicely done bender smile

It really does take a while to get the hang of the loose, rotating grip on the buugeng. My advice is to practice 1 beats everywhere you can think of, in every direction. After a while you will start to get a feel for where the leading edge of the curve is travelling without having to look.

Now, to learn that neck catch. How does the Bulgarian National Anthem go again? shocked

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  Posted:Thanks Bender
Ive got 4 pairs of these waiting for me when I get back to Blighty in a day - I rekon its gonna be easier to pick up when jetlagged and coldy - and im sure your grip diagrams will help too
Thanks for putting the time in
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  Posted:wow, bender.. thanks for the highly informative post.. ive picked up buugeng a couple of times, but have found them difficult due to where the staff would be in reference to where i *thought* it should be.. ill definetely give this method a try next time i get the chance..

thanks for going to the effort of putting it up! two gold stars for you
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