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Posted:Update - My promo video and other videos of me that I've found on youtube.

My Promo - A Glimpse of Flow
A short video created from an evening of spinning at a temple in Bali. This was only meant to be used as promotional materially and I had originally intended to edit a longer video but the footage was stolen and this is all I have left. April 2009

My fire routine @ SF Decompression
An Ok example of the first routine I choreographed. October 2009

Hookahdome Jam Sunday night @ Burning Man
A side on view of my second spin from the last night of Burning Man. I much preferred my last spin but I don't know if it was filmed. September 2009

Noeltech #5: G Plane Breaking
A tutorial exampling and explaining some of the plane change patterns I have been using. May 2009

G with Flowlights in K.L.
A very nicely edited video by Thomas that we filmed at the end of a long day wandering around Kuala Lumpur. February 2009

G @ Clonakilty Juggling Convention
A short video filmed by Firepoise of a play spin I had at Ronan's convention September 2008.

Float tutorial
Filmed by Yuta at EJC Karlsruhe August 2008.

Floats with Plane Changes
Again, tutorial filmed by Yuta applying point isolation to floats to allow plane changes. August 2008

G's Graveyard Spin
Filmed by Purpleloulipop in a graveyard in Nottingham. October 2007

G & Chutney
A renegade performance with Mr Chutney and some Hyperlights at Play Festival. July 2007.

Spinning in Berlin

From an evening during the great time I had in Germany last October.

Filmed by Jaguar Mary
Edited by David Nolan

A video of a friend of mine and me spinning in a graveyard in Nottingham filmed and edited by Richard Pidgeon back in 2005 and then completely forgotten about (by me) until recently...

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Posted:Yo G
I got my video from the BJC

Did you get yours yet?


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Posted:OK now, I just watched the decompression video for the upteenth time and IMO that performance in the new gold standard for how these arts should be presented.

Variations in spinning speed, movement taking up the whole stage area, passion and's got it all and I'll be using this clip as my pre performance inspiration for some time to come methinks.


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