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Posted:Hi there, Myself and 2 friends run a small record label that is shooting a video this saturday near Brick Lane East London.

The track is a mad soca track featuring grime mcs badness and jammer called 'The Message Is Love'. We are looking for some Fire Spitters / Spinners that would be able to come down in costume and perform in the video this saturday the 6th between 12 and 7pm.

The performance would be unpaid but the video will be excellent exposure as it will be screened on MTV 2, MTV Base and Channel U.

The track has already been featured in Metro newspaper http://www.metro.co.uk/metrolife/article...mp;in_a_source=
As well as reciving Radio 1 plays from Tim Westwood and Ras Kwame.

You can listen to the track @ www.myspace.com/dirtycanvas Let me know if this is something your group would be interested in. Thanks Rishi 07835777030 - rishipancholi (at) hotmail (dot) com

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Posted:I would say No.

A music video really needs to be paid, and thinking to get someone in it for free - ridiculous.

Good exposure... really? You get your face on a screen. so, the contact details of the spinner appear in the video, nice and clear for all to read?

And you want a spinner to provide their own costume? If a spinner spins in a costume, I would say that there's a very high chance of them being a professional, and professional fire performers don't come cheap. 12-7pm... I make that 7 hours work - for nothing. I would charge you *at least* 450 for that, plus expenses (Going on a walkabout rate. as you want something in particular, I'd increase that amount quite a bit).

You want a lot for nothing... Fair enough asking a good friend of yours to spin for a favour, but asking publically, on a site where a lot of people earn good money from this... Good luck with that wink

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Posted:Add to that the cost of being insured for PLI and the cost of getting there, the cost of providing fuel....

Why do people think that fire spinners will do it all for free?

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Posted:Hi, I'm unable to make it to your video shoot, but how would you guys like to travel up to West Yorkshire and do the music for our show this weekend? I'm afraid that we can't pay you, or cover your expenses, but please make sure you have the proper insurance and safety items as if one of your speaker stacks collapses on top of some kid we'll for sure be holding you responsible.

It really will be good exposure for you, and thats what making a living out of your art is all about, right?

Chris (who rarely does shows these days for exactly this reason)

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Posted:c'mon folks, this isn't the kind of relationship we want to cultivate with promoters?

It was cheeky of them to seek freebies, however they have the freedom to, despite the downward pressure on earnings for fire professionals. We must demonstrate to all promoters reading this request that spectacular fire shows are worth the money - there is less chance of us proving that unless we show a little more diplomacy.

Certainly, you all raise important points - the challenge for us to market our services well enough so that more promoters want premium shows. Sincere Apologies if i sound like the devil's advocate, i just want to see this industry to foster a more encouraging response to freebie requests. We're all in the same entertainment food chain, let us not burn bridges so readily, yeh?

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Posted:I think the problem here is the overall attitude of the request, and in fact most requests received.

Should we really be expected to take people by the hand and walk them through step by step the fact that a skilled person should be reimbursed for a skill they have spent years perfecting? I don't think we're being insulting here, rather trying to show our point of view.

When I said I would like them to come do the music for one of our shows it is obvious what the response would be, why is it that it is not obvious when we are asked the same thing?

What kind of relationship would you prefer with promoters? I see two other options:
- Perform for free 90% of the time in the hope that we might get lucky and make some money one day?
- Treat people as children and explain slowly and step by step exactly why a service is worth a payment in a capitalist society?

The problem is that promoters already know that our skills are worth money, but we have a history of not knowing it ourselves. I see no reason why we should pretend otherwise so long as we are not insulting when doing so. I think most of the posts in this thread have done exactly that - demonstrated why the answer is no without assuming stupidity of the behalf of the promoter.

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Posted:I see both sides
I always see both sides and its driving me crazy!!
A small record label doesnt have any money - same as Fire performers that dont get paid anything!!
Personally I found the responces quite amusing - I guess the RC wouldnt have and wont ask on here again even when their track goes stellar and we all download it for free on limewire.....whats that about ripping artists off?

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Posted:Well I wouldn't do it even if I was in London cos I don't like the track. Nothing you'd want to spin too. Faster faster less control noisy thing with a slimy 'give it to me girl' bit in the middle. Ugh.

There's another one on their site that's spinnable though. Hyperactive Dirty Canvas Remix. 'Stamp to the beat, Let the fire take control of your soul' etc.. Quite tasty. No free download though wink

Overall though, ya, saying straight out 'do us a favour' is more honest than 'you need the exposure'!

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