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Posted:Just some stuff I did recently.

Let me know if you like it and what you think smile

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Posted:I'm currently looking over these in my study breaks... so my comments will come in trickles throughout the day... I've watched the first video... your start looks uncontrolled... I'm not so sure it is, but it just looks that way... I think its plane related... and a few times you sorta look like you're about to do split time but move into even time (Or was it the other way around?)

But with your spins there... you can do a twirl like that and keep it all in the same plane, play around with that...I found it most easy to understand doing rev butterfly hip reels and doing a spin with those, but butterfly hip reels of any kind would work... while its not necessary to keep plane for those to work, its more obvious when they aren't on plane....

Good luck, keep spinning! (I hope you wanted critical, constructive feedback, because from me thats what you'll get ^_^)

Second one looks a whole lot smoother bit more variation would be good to see, but you're using what you've got in a more effective way (And no.. I'm not an advocate of faster is better, but there was more speed variation and that kind of thing involved) , but damn, what was that? 30 second burn time?! Dunno if theres so much to comment on with single poi stuff, but it was good to see anyway, much more control exhibited in this one overall.

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Posted:Well tbh, I don't agree with MNS about the first one: I think it looked fairly controlled - thre were some minor plane and timing issues, but by and larger it looked fine to me:

had a look at the rest of the vids and yeah, looks nice enough, except I kind of got the impression everything had to be kept quite low to stay in shot?

the backward buzzsaw isolations in vid 4 or 5 looked quite nice, but the forward ones could use a little work - but I'm sure you're aware of that already

from a video point of view, I'd say:
use a tripod
get more ambient light
maybe get a higher res (if possible)

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Posted:Now that's covering your bases, there's something for everyone in those videos.

I quite liked your spinning style, however when watched the first half of #1 I found myself's a guy who's perfected the art of not moving about with his poi.

That thought was quickly erased though.

IMO you could edit those 4 videos down to two and still keep the original flavour of the OP. You could do a slow one and a fast one, and cut out the "not so good" representations of some of the moves that I know you can do well, but included for reasons I can't fathom. eg orbitals, isolation's.

I quite liked the single poi stuff, but I felt like it went on a little long, it may be an idea to start off a burn ( or video ) with that technique and separate the poi in the second half to increase the "complexity" of the spin. That holding one poi high and stationary then hitting it to start it spinning was a nice touch.

Great variations on spinning speed, I loved the contrast between fast spinning straight into a stall.

At times, there was enough light given off by the poi to make a visually appealing video, but at other know, it's already been said.



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