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Posted:Hi all not sure which section to post this in, so thought i'd put it here, if anyone wants to move it to somewhere they deem more suitable please go ahead!

Our Youth department have asked me to advertise the following position if anyone is interested.


We are looking for a creative juggling teacher who can inspire young people with their own high level of circus talent. The students are all confident jugglers who have auditioned for their places on the programme so show a real commitment to improving their juggling.

Within the programme there are students who can juggle up to seven balls as well as highly competent club jugglers diabolists and Poi spinners. The teacher will need to support all these different disciplines within the group and ensure that all students are being pushed to their full potential.

As well as the high technical ability of students on the programme, the teacher is also required to make sequences and routines for performances.

The classes are on Sunday afternoons from 1.30pm 4.45pm. On occasion may be required to stay until 6pm to supervise students practice time.

Deadline: Friday, 5th September, 12 noon

Please PM me for more details & application form.

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