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Posted:I've been asked to perform at a luau, and I wondered if anybody had some advice as what music would be appropriate. I'd like it to have a Hawaiian theme but more than just drums, which is the best I can find so far.


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Posted:hello!! We had a hawaiian themed 15 minute show.
We found it pretty hard to find goo music too. Search Limewire or the equivalent for hawaiian or luau etc doesn't really work.

I'll try find which songs we used in the end...
There were drummy songs but also..

Iko Iko by Zap Mama (now I research it's actually 'Indian' but for some reason we decided it sounded hawaiian.

Elvis also has some Hawaiian songs.

*goes to find old mix*

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Posted:What is 'lulau'?





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Posted:Hawaiian beach party, Richee. smile Its a feast and celebration of sorts.



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Posted:Lilo and Stitch Soundtrack has some really fun stuff.

Check for Slack Key Guitar and Ukulele songs as well as drums.
Tahitian drums are the ones we common think of, which go pretty fast.

Don Ho was a Hawaiian singer, Vegas style, but he has some stuff that could be used.

Check out music by Israel Kamakawiwo`ole, who is one of my favs for his ethereal voice.

Also music labelled as "Surfer Music", the Hawaii 5-0 theme song, stuff like that.

I've used music that is a combination of those things for luau performances and had tonnes of fun.

The last one we did started out slow with an Israel song, then we busted out Hawaiian Roller Coaster from Lilo and Stitch, which the kids *loved*, and then used the Hawaii 5-0 theme which the adults cracked up laughing at.

Have fun and hope this helps!

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