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(yes yes yes, stolen from Jez.)

Its like what we do......only in miniture

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Posted:memories of luke at the BJC doing renagades saying these tricks are availiable at or


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Posted:I've never tried it but Redbeard apparently had a friend at school who could spin one forwards and backwards while he worked out exam question. Looks fun

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Posted:hm....sudden urge to fix kevlar to either end of a biro

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that was good. very good..


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Posted:Ha ha ha...that's great.

After about a minute looking at the site, and being both impressed and trying not to laugh at how serious it all was, I suddenly got a sinking feeling...

Would this be the same reaction regulars from that site would feel when looking at the staffs moves section of HoP.

The whole table turned, and life will ever quite be the same again...

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Posted:I can do several diffrent tricks and link them together into combos while listening to lectures, studying or doing math exam problems in my head. Not to bragg or anything.

It does seem laughably serious, especially lately now that they added the "pen modz" section and the video that is on the superhandz page with the crazy techno music and flashy editing. But I think it's a great site. I posted it here awhile ago, The initial tricks are hard to learn but it's an easy thing to do while watching tv, sitting in class etc. I have noticed that my dexterity has improved immensly since I started learning pen tricks. I would say anyone who actually dedicates time to learning is a bit of a geek but im sure some people would say that about Poi and staff spinners.


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Posted:i actually do this at work. How sad am i. actually, im kinda uber sad, as somehow i always finish work with my hands covered in blue pen marks....

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