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Posted:Have to big up Chaos Unlimited for their fab selection of psytrance sounds and great service. I ordered my CDs in the afternoon and they arrived the next morning, sent by first class mail.

The staff seem lovely friendly, fluffy peeps so if your credit card is itching to be taken on a test drive, I highly recommend this site.

Chaos Unlimited
+44 (0)1273 702 517 - phone/fax

Oh yes and rasberries to Amazon

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Posted:okay...here's another one if you've not already heard about it

Not the hugest selection in the world but free airmail delivery from Japan???..for some wierd reason. And cd's only cost 8:99.

This site has given me a painful cd buying habit

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Posted:If you in Austalia/Asia/Japan, a good one for getting nice psy-tunes from is:

Good prices too, and not too much on the shipping and handling as well.

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Posted:horrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaay for psytrance

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