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Posted:Howdy all. I tried to search but didn't clock anything to answer my question.

I'm heading over to Thailand in January and trying to figure out if it's cheaper to book the flights in advance or get a last minute deal. Anybody have any experience in these matters?

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Posted:When I went to thailand, it didn't make any difference. There's also the chance that you won't actually get a flight. Often, airlines actually overbook flights because people often don't show up, so even those who HAVE tickets don't get on the plain. Basically, I don't know lol. Perhaps you could ask the airline you're planning to fly with?



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Posted:I don't think it makes much difference, I booked my flights 3 weeks before I was going to fly. The cheapest was about 340 from London with a stopover in dubai or qatar but we paid about 550 for direct with Qantas. Prices have probably gone up now with fuel rise

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