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Posted:Hi all this is a little idea I had.

I was gutteted that play got cancelled as I'm sure many of you where.

But I bet Dunc and the rest of the crew are even more gutted not only after all the hard work they put in but all the financial commitments made as well.

So my idea is to support Dunc by not asking for a refund and letting them keep the ticket money to at least recoup some of the lost cash and even if they dont have many debts any extra cash can go into making PLAY 2009 even bigger and batter than this years was going to be.

I understand many of you may need the money back for various reasons and thats ok but be patient these sorts of things takes time smile but Im sure a lot of you dont it didnt cost much and that little bit from us adds up to a fair bit for PLAY.

So what do you say? Come join me and say


If you dont want a refund I suggest you e-mail Dunc via the Play website


This may have already been discussed if so Im sorry

Pps sorry for the pants spelling Im not very clever smile

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Posted:It's a good idea but maybe needed to be up ealrier... from what I've read most of the refunds have already happened..

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Posted:Most people will have paid by Paypal so will get a refund this way, so If you don't want your refund you can go into the details of the payment on Paypal and click on "Issue Refund" and type your reason in the comment box eg "because I love play" and it will send the payment back to Dunc.

Its annoying anyway that if you want to keep the money you have to pay 25p to transfer the money to your bank, god damn you Paypal!


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Posted:I'd already had my refund which was sitting in my paypal account, and I've now done what I suggested above.

Anyone else gonna join in?


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Posted:Already spent my refund unfortunately....

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Posted:I used mine to buy some shiny new toys.

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Posted:Ditto, great idea, but mines disappeared back inot the black hole of my bank account...



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Posted:i would have done this if i hadn't already spent it and i wasn't skint!

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