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Posted:Hi There to all who know us and of course to those that dont....havent been around for a while..been soooo busy....

Our children 'All-Fired-Up' have apparently been nominated for The Queensland Regional Arts & Culture Award.
I have been asked to compile a portfolio for them as they do not have to perform for this competition, it is judged on the portfolio only.

Would those of you that have seen or worked with our kids please put your thoughts in writing and let me know how you felt about the kids performance ,thier interactions with people and any interactions that you have had with them.etc etc. I will print these and add them to the portfolio. I also deperately need any good photographs or video that you have if you could please forward them too. These things can either be emailed or posted ( email me for address). If you are posting please let me know as I will keep a look out for them in the mail.

The people that have organised the event have asked me to submit the portfolio early as they would like to do some media coverage on the please please the sooner the better would be GREAT!

Thanks Again

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Posted:wow, abbie... that's so cool...!! congrats to you all, but it's well deserved; your lil ones are fabulous.

I don't have anything in the way of visual media, but I'd be more than happy to string a few words together, if I can summon the motivation... and remember... tongue

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