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Posted:Hi everyone!

I was wondering how many of you are naturally adventurous adrenalin junkies?

I'm a naturally cautious person, so the idea of firetwirling isn't something I ever thought i'd do. In fact, when I was a kid, I was constantly getting stuck in trees and on monkeybars because I was too scared to get down. I was always standing on the diving board at pool parties trying to figure out how to do a flip without hitting my head ubblol I've only just ordered my poi and don't expect to be actually using fire poi for a loooong time. It's completely out of my comfort zone - which is I think why I like it.

Are you a naturally adventurous person, or are you throwing yourself out of your comfort zone with fire twirling?

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Posted:Hmmmm - fine question.
I don't think "fire spinner" is synonomous with "adrenaline junky"
Few (if any?) spin fire for the "danger" - most spin for the art/love/fun.

I've never even really got a rush or been out of my comfort zone whilst using fire, though this is probably due to a nice gradual blending into it as opposed to leaping into the deep end.

The only vaguely adventurous thing I do is rock climbing, and that scares the poo out of me sometimes ubblol

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Posted:I like my adrenaline rushes! On a semi-regular basis I can be found trying to maim myself with:
- Skateboards
- ATB (Mountainboards)
- Climbing
- Walking through the town center after midnight.

I actually don't get very worried by firepoi/staff at all, might be having lost count of the number of burns I've done. Probably more likely to be that I always have someone I trust around to put me out, and that I know how I'll react if I suddenly go up in flames.

In general though I'm a complete wuss, when I'm doing things I know I can do I'm ultra confident, but the moment I'm even a little unsure I start shaking, get the sweats etc.

Strangely that only affects me when I have a choice, so on a skateboard I often chicken it at the last second, or I'll wuss out a lead climb. But remove the choice, like once I'm partway down a singletrack course in the woods where you can't stop till the bottom, and I'll focus and not get scared till the end. At which point I'll probably sit down for a while talking about how I'm NEVER doing that again.

The thing with adrenaline though is that it pulls you back in and soon you find you've thrown yourself down something a little more insane and it all starts again. I honestly don't understand it...

As you can probably tell, I spend a lot of time thinking about this! ubbloco

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Posted:I agree with Durbs on this one. I'm not an adrenaline junky at all, i love my knitting and cups of tea and being all cosy.
I'm not one for jumping out of planes and near-death experiences!

Spinning fire poi isnt really an adrenaline rush for me at all, it's just relaxing and can be quite soulful.

I'm going to a theme park on friday, mm rollercoasters, that'll get my adrenaline up! biggrin

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Posted:Me?! A daredevil? Yeah, sure. You're talking to a person who was sooo terrified of the fire when she was young that she hated new-year's parties and hid herself under the bed while people were watching fireworks.
Just had a nightmare of fireworks the last night rolleyes You may guess that I don't plan to do fire poi any time this lifetime.

No, no. Not a daredevil. The only adrenaline rush I get is when I drive a bike downhill on a bad road (and often find myself under my bike rather than the other way round). I'm easy to please when it comes to excitement biggrin

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Posted:*raises hand*

My name is Pele and I am addicted to adrenaline and endorphine rushes.

My dad was an outdoor adventure guide (white water rafting, waterfall climbing, etc). I def learned it from him.
Everything from tattoos (endorphine rush) to walking alone through a bad neighborhood on a dare to playing chicken whilst sitting on a burning couch has made my list of things I've done to performing sideshow feats.
Malcolm has some photographic evidence of a certain slingshot adventure.
There are a few things I still need to do...Zorb, sky dive, shark dive.

I will admit, the first time I lit up, or light up a new tool, it can be a rush. That "OMG how did that look?" kind of thing but I agree with the others that overall, it's not a rush.
However, performing for me is, with or without fire. There is very little that can compare to the rush of a really great show. So in that respect, fire can add to the rush, but is not the basis for it.

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Posted:I've always done adventure sports; paragliding, downhill mountainbike racing and snowboarding, but I've done them while murmering "please don't let this hurt, oh god, please don't let this hurt..."

Not sure if that qualifies or not.

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Posted:I'd say I'm naturally adventurous but I never get the chance to do anything. smile

I think I started things with fire because it's 'hardcore' and challenging and exciting, but after doing it for a few years and now performing for money, I don't get that rush of danger.

I do when I try new toys... I'm shitting myself about my new fire hoop because I like spinning around my neck, but that will go away once I've used it a few times.


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Posted:*raises hand*
I'm an adrenaline junkie by default, I live in Queenstown which is regarded by many as the adventure capital of the world. As such I've gotten into snowboarding, skydiving, paragliding, river surfing, white water rafting, hiking, climbing and many other adventure activites.

But in following with Durbs, Jo and Pele, fire isn't so much an adrenaline pumping activity, as a way to show an art form and express yourself in ahighly visual manner.

My two cents

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Posted:My whole life has been about adrenaline rushes. Name and extreme sport you will have a good chance of me doing it. I was sponsored by a local skate park for inline skating before I killed my knees. Im the guy who has done some sort of flip off everything in the neighborhood.


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Posted:I'd like to consider myself pretty adventurous. I've had my fair share of adrenaline pumping activities and crazy escapades, although I was a bit younger back then. I would like to think that I still have it in me, although I'm not sure, unfortunately I haven't had the money to try lately.

One day...

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Posted:I climb. Not much more than that really. But that is done in part for the ohcrapohcrapohcrapohcrapohcrapohcrapI'mgoingtodie feeling when trying something hard as much as the enjoyment. And the people are fun.

And fire is just pretty for me. Not "Oooo wow" anymore. Not to say that I do not like it....

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Posted:I'm not so much anymore but I am going treetop climbing in september and when I wasa younger I did attempt to tightrope walk a barbed wire fence.. but I put that down to stupidity (but i did get half way across before it snapped biggrin )

I wouldn't say I was a junkie but I do like to try stuff to prove to myself I can do it i.e I refuse to be afraid of fear. I REALLY wanna jump out of a plane.... parachute optional extra wink

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Posted:i'd say i am a bit of a adrenalin junkie but since meeting the misses i don't get the chance as much i used to skate board/ blade and a bit of BMXing (just on the blocal course
but now i love riding my motorbikes, free diving when i can, burning fire.

not saying i'm some sort of big kahoona by any strech of the imagination but i think everyone will agree that you just don't have as much time to do what you would like to these days


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