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Something I started thinking about recently:

when doing certain moves, I tend to hold my breath: for example, going for the first under arm part of the matrix.

What I then tried to do was co-ordinate my breathing with the move: the relaxation of the chest and abdominal muscles when leaning actually makes it a lot easier to achieve the more extreme ranges of movement.

Any thought/observations?

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I've been putting a lot more thought into my breathing when doing doubles, trying to get the same principles of movement as tai chi form going. Only been playing with it for a few weeks but I've noticed that for many moves it helps me to keep the rhythms in synch much better. Works especially well for antispin/longarm/fountain stuff. Some stuff it seems not to work at all with (throws mainly) but I'm sure thats more to do with my poor execution of the move.

One things for sure, I definitely finish my session less worn out and feeling much more "grounded". I'll probably write something more in-depth on the subject after a few more months to develop the concept. I'd really like to chat to someone really good at tai chi to get advice on the next steps to take as well.

Not quite what you were talking about, but definitely related. I'm not good enough at contact yet to try these techniques there but I'm sure the same principles could apply.

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Yoga, innit. Well, in some respects.

I would argue that to continue breathing normally is better.

Holding your breath is one extra bit of tension in your body that really isn't necessary. less tension = move looks even more effortless.

Having trouble achieving certain positions? Stretch more. 'S'what I do.

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Well, that all depends on what result you want.

As specified, you want everything to look effortless.

When doing shows, it can be useful to make things look harder, not easier, for a better effect. An example, just before doing high throws (staves not poi), I deliberately take a big breath and hold it, so the crowd notices...this has the effect that many of the crowd unconsciously hold their breath too until the staff comes down and is caught.

Other people's breathing is quite easy to manipulate, and ends up in a heightened reaction and tension within the crowd.

Similarly, if on stage, I aim to regulate my breathing between up and down movement, not always with success, but breathing in and holding briefly when my shoulders are pointing up allows me more control over my neck even when spinning double staves, and breathing out relaxes that control.

I'd never thought to discuss this with other people, does anyone else find holding your breath after breathing in heightens conscious control from the neck and up?

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mmm I hold my breath when the fumes are near my face...I dont like inhaling them. shrug I certainly think it might be bad for the health to inhale deeply as your doing an isolated buzzsaw!!

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