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Posted:Hi there!

This is just an idea, nothing is settled yet, we just wanna check if this idea might be worth the work wink

So, a lovely friend of mine has the possibility to use a house at the stromboli iland, u know, that one with the hugh vulcano on it...

The idea is to organize a firegathering there.

There could be place for 7 - 20 people, Gaja would cook original italian food, we would provide lampoil.
All together between 10 - 14 days.

If enough people are interested, we would start planing and calculating wink

the date would be somewhen between the 2. and 13 of september this year, or next year in summer time.

What ya think?



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Posted:I can't be there, as I'm back to Asia around this time.

Just want to point out that he's a wonderful host and I believe that everybody who goes there won't be disappointed at all.

Am looking forward to hear some more news about the project smile

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Posted:I'm coming to this event "teatro del fuoco",:D

and it's from 23th of august to september, 6th.....

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Posted:Looks awesome
I'd love to go
MMmmmm - Oh im on the other side of the world!!!

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Posted:Jelena and I are quite tempted to go to this!

They used one of her firewhip photos on the bottom part of the flyer biggrin

money and time may be a problem though frown

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Posted:Stevo Xtremo from Oz is going to this I believe... not a HoPper.. but was on the 2UberOz DVD if ya saw that. Sounds great!

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