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YutaYutaSAPPHIRE Member
138 posts
Location: Japan Tokyo/Miyazaki

Hi every one.

I am Yuta from Japan.
I am positing online poi lessons and othere lessons on youtube.

For now, its only spoken japanese, but enough english text.

I'll speak Japanese and English from next time.

I'll keep uploading videos and hope it helps poi people.
There are many teacheres, so you can find your favorite spinere too.

for example, there are like this lessons now

online poi lesson (PoiTVch4) play list

Enjoy smile


RicheeRicheeBRONZE Member
HOP librarian
1,841 posts
Location: Prague, Czech. Republic

Hi I'm Richee,

I like 'cosmo' move and Alien video.

thank you,



YutaYutaSAPPHIRE Member
138 posts
Location: Japan Tokyo/Miyazaki

Thanks !
Cosmo is maybe the same as meltdown.

When I realised this move, there were no name, and I was thinking cool name.

But one of my friends called it Cosmo-kun.
I guess thats some thing like anime charactor with cosmo ring.
It becomes the name of move in japan.

Alien is one of the greatest poi Alien.

newgabenewgabeSILVER Member
what goes around comes around. unless you're into stalls.
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Location: Bali, Australia

Hi Yuta!!! SO looking forward to seeing you again for UberOz!

.....Can't juggle balls but I sure as hell can juggle details....

YutaYutaSAPPHIRE Member
138 posts
Location: Japan Tokyo/Miyazaki

Hi gave, I heard that thomas will be there too.
Sounds sooo nice uber3oz.

here is aonothere video with little english.
I spoke in english a little bit.

TobinWrightBRONZE Member
30 posts
Location: Canada

Awesome, thank you so much, even thought I can't understand a lick of what you're saying, the video speaks for itself. biggrin


swirlygrrlswirlygrrlSILVER Member
34 posts
Location: Baton Rouge, LA, USA

Thanks! I love the waist wrap and neck wrap. I'm going to try to follow it without being able to understand Japanese.

The pendulum stall is cool, too and that one definitely works even without any sound at all.


XhelenatXhelenatSILVER Member
8 posts
Location: USA

I really dig these vids man.

EDITED_BY: Xhelenat (1233778049)

I am somewhat new to Poi but I love it!

KihitaraKihitaraSILVER Member
Red Damselfly
14 posts
Location: North Shore City, New Zealand

These are awesome videos! Such a great resource.

Never meddle in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.

LevFiredance Philosopher
79 posts
Location: Vancouver BC Canada

Yuta your spinning is beautiful, please keep doing what you love =]

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